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Hello everybody,
I want to change my mouse and I need you, to tell me, what mouse would be the best one to FPS games (ET ofc :).

Now I have mx518 but my cable close to mouse is broken. It is suddenly switching off. My previous mouse was razer deathadder and i think it was better mouse than mx518 (i could better aim and more comfortable for the hand) but it broken the cable too.
I am looking for a new mouse atm. But I don't want any logitech mouse, because i have problems with change the Hz in that, new drivers aren't working well (doesn't see mouse in setpoint and sometimes only a mouse and a keyboard were switching off in usb port and I had to restart pc ). In razer everything was correctly, so I'm thinking about that or another, such as steelseries, roccat or a4tech mouses (maybe something more if you know).

I want to pay 50-60 euro max. I have qck steelseries mouse pad.
I hope you can help me. Thanks.

PS: Sry for my bad English.
If you liked Deathadder before just go for another one, it's a great mouse (I guess the only product from Razer I would recommend to anyone). I think todays version is called DeathAdder Chroma - it used to cost around those 60EUR so hopefully they did not get more expensive.
If you want to change to something else, from my personal experience, I can recommend Zowie EC1-a. However pretty much any mouse from their new lineup is great (EC1-a, EC2-a, FK1, FK2, ZA11, ZA12, ZA13), it's just the shape that differs. In general people are suggesting EC1-a when switching from DA, but maybe some other one from Zowie would fit you even better, but you would have to try them out somewhere first.
Thank you bro. I will check that Zowie mouses. U said about deathadder chroma. I know it is a new version of DA with 10000dpi but i heard, it isnt much better than the old one and it costs double more. So I would prefer old version or another mouse. My friend had razer copperhead and it was rlly good mouse but the cable finally crashed too.
It doesnt cost more. Razer DA 2013 is more expensive than the chroma version at least here in finland. Also if u liked the DA why wouldnt u buy it again? Cant remember if it had a braided cable before in the older versions but at least this has.
I mean I had old 2006 version 6-7 years ago :) then i paid around 150PLN when it costs 300PLN now. So it isn't interesting to pay double more for same mouse which is just a bit better.

Logitech > Razer
Well, this is almost double of your budget but:

I have played with 3 mx518. All 'died' after a period of time due to to the well known bug: the cable-shit. As you are experiencing now.
Anyway, I bought that mouse over and over again, because it was the best hand-fell mouse there is in the world.
I know that's stupid, but I've tested a shit load of mouses, and that one is just the best.
But since you cannot order one anymore, I decided to buy the g500s, since it resembles the mx518 pretty much.

You can change the HZ (polling rate) up to a 1000, add extra weights if you want. Choose 5 DPI settings. Of course it has the decent Logitech software, making sure you can bind shit to your mouse ( :D ), Don't know the DPI limit, but it's way to high. If you play with such a high DPI then you're someting special.
I can go on and on and on.

Sadly, you are or a Logitech fan or something else like Razer. People well tell you use this mouse, or use that mouse.
It's personal, you need to find something that sues your hand. But if you're looking for a 'newer' mx518 the best mouse that resembles it, is the g500s.
g500 is also an option, but the 's' is better in my opinion. On the other hand the g500 is cheaper... And according to some other people, it resembles even more the mx518...
Ye I know that g500s is rlly good mouse and it costs around 300PLN (same like razer DA chroma) so not much more than i wanted to pay, but as i said, I don't want logitech mouse. I have much problems with setpoint driver. It isn't working properly (doesnt see mouse or i cant change settings and few months ago my usb ports were crashing suddenly only with logitech mouse and keyboard).
Najlepsi mogą grać na byle czym i nadal będą doskonali, ty nie potrzebujesz dobrej myszy.
Ironię czuć z drugiego końca Polski. Być dobrym graczem, a dobry aimerem to dwie różne kwestie. Aimerem dobrym nigdy nie byłem i to zawsze była moja słaba strona, dlatego szukam różnych rozwiązań od myszki począwszy.
I have steelseries kana v2 for 2 days now. Not bad at all and pretty cheap.
No offence buts its classic example of missing an asking question, its not about what u got, its about whats the best.
Getting anything over 40 euros with no pwm 3310/3366 or a3988 sensor actually makes no sense, there are few better mic3 around kana's v2 prize, with better quality materials and better sensor calibration.
Iam using a G400s its feels like a MX518
Just please dont buy steelseries sensei. doesnt work precisely at all.
Are u sure? Maybe you have bad mouse pad or wrong settings. If you are right, thx for an advice.
Yes im sure. Didnt have to use rinput before. i had to return my first sensei and got another one and still didnt work .
anyone here have this? image: P_setting_000_1_90_end_500
I've been using an FK1 lately, and I got to say the sensor and the build quality is top notch. However it's pretty small for my hands and I started to notice the click delay after I put back my beloved SS Xai (can be frustrating).

Afaik they fixed the button lag on the newer zowie mice, eg fk2, ec1/2-a series and za series
You should give it a try.
and one big + for being driverless

maybe look into mionix ive heard good stuff about their gear too
I'm thinking about:
Roccat Kone Pure Optical, Roccat Savu, Steelseries Rival or Zowie EC1-a/Za11.
Today I was playing csgo at my friend on SS Rival. It is rlly fine, but my thumb is lying on the addition buttons (which are on the left side, my finger should be under that buttons to get full comfort) and it is sliding so easily, I feel like no rubbing. Idk it is only this mouse or I just need to become accustomed because at my home I'm playing on mouse, which has rlly used sliders.
GO for deathadder rly. Bought it this morning, tested it showed no signs of accel and was lots of fun pwning de shit out of nabs @ nbs
Roccat means too much smoothing and prediction
Roccat savu and kone pure optical don't have any prediction and smoothing fyi. Both equipped with avago adns 3090 sensors.
Im on a trip so cant look it up rightnow but as far as i remember They borh havesmoorhing custom lens and 3090 is bad compares to 3310

Im on a trip so cant look it up rightnow but as far as i remember They borh havesmoorhing custom lens and 3090 is bad compares to 3310

I was reading a bit and I will probably buy logitech mouse :DD Ye i didnt want it, but I saw new logitech mouses which have the other software. I had only problems with setpoint so i guess it would work well now.

I'm thinking about g402 or g502. I heard g502 has the best sensor on the market atm. I was trying it in a shop and it was rlly fine for my hand and sliding was so good too with some rubbing. SS mice are sliding too fast for me, i feel likes it is walking on ice. I will try g402 which costs 100PLN less than g502 but it has a bit lower sensor but still good. I can't get any zowie mice in my shops (idk why that good mouse aren't available) to try them so I won't risk to buy.
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