Made short clip of menace

Check it out!

2 slow for my taste but other than that looks good!
I agree with leku, anyway good one!
Nice one, liked the fact that you tried to synchronize the music with the clips now and then. Sometimes slightly too slow patched, but in general a good clip
a lot better than aieuh's by editing side, at least saw some trying! the last sync with the grenade was maybe useless, could have added some end texts or some frag on it. anyway gj
Very very Nice
thisone is definitly faster and better
wauw vet cool
I like the choice of music. The syncs are fine I guess, but simple stuff like the cuts between clips seem a bit off-beat and neglected.
best movie 2015
best movie 2015
You should've recorded on a higher framerate, it looked horrible whenever you slowed it down.
yeah + less motion blur
nice effort, if you want some tipps regarding quality processing and so on feel free to contact me, also I got a shitload of proper demos from multiple players on my PC, because I thought about making a community fragmovie a while ago, if you prove me you're worth it you can have them
1/10 because i was as victim on this fragmovie :D
try spending more time working on your aim and less time making clips for other players. just saying, maybe you wont be so inclined to slum on shitty US pub servers and accuse americans of cheating. bigot
lol, did you just register for that comment?
nope, wanted to join a team for the US CG cup and decided to call you out for the crybaby bigot you are
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