Need 3rd for xD cuP

Yes yes, need 3rd to play with Snatix and I. Would be cool if we already know you and if you are really really really really good.
Oh, and be taller than Snatix please (1m55)

pm here or on irc if you find me there :3
Any taller guys won't be accepted.
noobs can't get 3rd LOL
On a sidenote, these two are going to blame you for anything that goes wrong during the game.. from a missing revive to not getting the gold on time!

Better be prepared and aware before applying :S
Can confirm 420
Don't confuse us with esse LOL
We wouldnt blame you if you werent so fucking bad at this game you piece of shit :S #badzzer #madzur #madtix
avi for winning trio geegee
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