maybe willing to do a movie

sup crossfire"bros"

i have lately been thinking about making something fragmovie related - ET or maybe CS:GO(for shits and giggles).
Nothing 100% sure but if the offer seems good enough i might be game. Im working fulltime from morning to evening most of the days so it wouldn't be anything quick (would be a side project) - i really miss editing/making some fragmovie shit....but i have no time to play on a competitive level myself. So if any of you have something "intertasting" to offer then send me a mail in crossfire (havent used IRC in ages and not planning to do it unless we get something going).

check my profile for stuff i have done.
Make a community movie instead of a single player IMO
I'm sure everyone can send a few frags
Except uglya I mean igla
Igieu - 2good4mercs2low4offis ft. Buggs
anyway, would be nice if yer could use this music as intro for teh lulz

Community movie my man
Come back when you've removed the word 'maybe' from the topic. Wouldn't recommend anyone to consider a moviemaker who is maybe willing to do a fragmovie as a slowly progressing side project.
and who doesnt
Could agree with everything you said but not with the last words. Being indecisive and doing something on the side are two different things, mate. Based on my example - because of my fulltime job and other stuff I'm not capable of devoting myself completely in moviemaking and that's why my projects take so long to complete.
Okay I have to agree with you on fragmovies being time consuming to create but something in this thread just indicates the unlikeliness of finishing the proposed fragmovie.
You can make a movie of me rolling HBC server if you want
Not needed already contacted Spielberg and John Williams m8
im willing to make a homemade +18 video if paid enough. willing to do anything
make Oxy movie, little bird told me has has demos from over 10 years still like the collector he is. shit player but there has to be some okay frags in that much material
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