outlAw - Enter The Void

Another movie editing from me!

check it out!

didnt like the blurry quality, i think u had better quali in ur previous ones. Also didnt like the blue colors. disliked the music especially when the first has been on several other movies already. other than that great player expected greater frags tho :P
wouldnt like to be this negative when some1 making movies in this community but those are just my thoughts
silimät sullaa
oliko nyt niin kirkas :D
My boy <3_<3
Silveri well done!

Good frags, little editing hickups no big deal. Got low quality but watched in on iphone.

Never add filters/change hue/saturation or whatever, if anything just either change the levels or play with gradients...
Allways add filters and saturation! : D
yeah contrast was too damn high, reminded me of Hack4Weed movies only without the crazy eurovision music.
my boy
outlow well done

Good frags, little editing hickups no big deal. Got low quality but watched in on iphone.


>pendulum voodoo people in fragmovie

Parodia Magnifica ;_;
Actually that was quite enjoyable movie! Contrast was too intense so I barely could see anything on brighter maps. Please start upload movies on some ftp because YT screws up quality totally. Pick better font for 2d text because default one is cheap and doesn't fit at all.
Liked most parts of the movie, apart from the saturation as mentioned above.
Think outlaw gave you his leftover frags though, or he never recorded any of his demos.
some nice frags, some nice cam work.
I never record, these are only from gamestv :P
Why wouldnt you record tho? only benefist you, cl 7 = ftw
cheater hipe ?
probably one of the worst movies i've ever seen editing wise, hope you didn't pay any money for this
Explain yourself!
So i might get some hate for this but i'll clarify why i said that. It starts out of nowhere with a very unimpressive double thompson frag on one of the probably most overused fragmovie track. This already gives a first impression to anyone watching. When i make a fragmovie i try to make the player(s) look as impressive as i can. This is why i deleted over 600gb of my own movie 3 months ago because i wasn't satisfied with what the moviemaker(me) did. This movie in my opinion does not even get close to the potential of outlaw. Maybe that's because of the demos you were provided like you stated, but even with what you had you could've done far better.

On to technical stuff. Like others mentioned image: f886c9ccbf
image: 63a4c788f9
. Contrast, glow, brightness whatever it is you cranked it up way too much. Besides that the volume of the songs used is nowhere close near equal. It's clear you know how to use camtrace but it seems you force every cam in its entirety into the movie by speeding up in between. Also rolling in cams is a feature, not a necessity. Sometimes you straight up ignored the final project fps and timescaled a scene lower than the final fps resulting in significant fps drops. Also the standard vegas text in intro and outro were quite painful.

Most importantly the movie doesn't seem to have any real feel to it, it doesn't manage to portray the player and feels very forced in it's editing. It's like you want to eat a milky way but instead someone shoves a snickers bar down your throat instantly.

If you clear up your movie config, vegas settings and tune your sync to the music a bit you can do far better. It's clear you have some talent and understanding of moviemaking.
snickers > milky way tbh
you like penises?
LOL nice edit
did i edit it? what was it
emb did, it said peanuts before :(
crossfire admin and doesnt even know how to reply properly
meant to reply to you idiot
dont try to weasel your way out of this one m8
oi wot u say m8 ill fokin smash yer head in
first of all thx for your comment.i will write down something of this for next movies :D

one thing you were right, about those snickers and milky way, i did kind of force myself to that moviemaking, it didnt come from me like naturally.

swanidius camper 8 next project gg?
rerender this with better quality otherwise i wont even watch it :(
its rendered most possible best settings in sony vegas:D encoding is then the otherthing :D
Ye encoding not rendering :)
Good job silveri, but even the best moviemaker is not able to create a good movie out of shitty frags.
not mad at all bro.
I just can't see a reason for making a movie with frags like these.
Those were very impressive frags, oke? Have some respect!
Sorry, i think i just missed the good frags somehow :D
dont delete your comments before i was able to read them :S
I won't talk and just leave it there for you

e: approved by upload kurwa
better show this movie to outlaw.
good frags bro
seems legit
Not much that hasn't already been said.

Main issues are:

- The filters used really result in a contrast which is way too harsh. Look on supply at the difference between the weapon (which on some maps can be hard to even see) and the sky, which is basically completely white.
- The text used is cheap and you haven't tried to be creative with it. The opening title text at 0:45 is hard to read against the brightness of the wall.
- Some of the music has been used before in some major ET movies, but this never bothers me if the music has been used effectively, or in some new way. A lot of the time it feels like demo+mp3, with most of the sync coming in the form of scene changes.
- The cameras need some work to improve flow and really make sure the audience is seeing everything you want them to see. Some cams I made could take days to get the way I wanted them. Always try to visualise the movement of the camera in your head before making it, rather than just setting random points.
- Record at a higher frame rate so that it doesn't look all choppy when you use slow motion. If you record a cam at 1000FPS, for example, and import it into a 50FPS project, it's still going to look smooth at 5% velocity. If you record a cam at 100FPS and import it into a 50FPS project, as soon as you go below 50% velocity, it's going to start looking choppy, and get worse the lower you go.
outlaw the rager?
On se mukava varmaan tehä jottain tämmöstä, ku palaute on aina yhtä kannustavaa :DDd
Jos tulos on aina yhtä skeidaa?
Palautteesta on otettava opiks
outlaw is the coolest et player alive
they also call him outlaw de coole gast
Screw this.. not gonna watch.. Way waaaay too much contrast.
holy shit, my fuckin eyes!
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