CCA 2015 Nominations

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In this forum thread I will explain how you can help make nominations for the Crossfire Community Awards.

Here is a reminder of the twelve awards (click on each one for clarification).

Enemy Territory:

Which individual ET player performed better than anyone else in 2015?

What is the one ET team which performed better than any other in 2015?

What was the single most exciting official ET match of 2015?

Which individual ET player improved the most in 2015?


Who was the single best aimer of 2015?

Who was the single best reviving medic of 2015?

Who was the single best rifler of 2015?

Who was the single best engineer of 2015?


What was the best (ET) movie posted on Crossfire in 2015?

What was the best journal posted on Crossfire in 2015?

What was the best news/article/tutorial posted on Crossfire in 2015?

Which Crossfire community member contributed the most to ET in 2015?

If you'd like to participate, simply send a private message to the Crossfire bot with three to five nominees for each award. Note that you are not casting your vote yet, just creating a pool of whoever/whatever you think deserve to be considered for the awards when the time for voting comes.

You have until Friday the 15th to get your nominations in. Please keep in mind that only nominations sent in PM as explained above will count and that these awards are for the entire year of 2015, not just the last few months.

Movie of the year must be Against All Odds
doesn't qualify I'm afraid :P only stuff from the 1st of January to the 31st of December
LOL, I forgot the video wasn't published in 2015.
QuoteMedic of the Year 2015

*Whiner of the Year 2015
no i chuj byłby jeden pucharek więcej umedbr0?
Eventhough i was inactive, i contributed more than most of the nerds here on cf.
If you would just post a random chick journal right now you would probably get:
Medic of the year for reviving Crossfire
Journal/Content/Member of the year for obv. reason
Portugal punky as medic of the year 2k15
when are you going to start streaming? you lazy
fops of the year ?
bekommst nich bruder
Player of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Team of the Year 2015: EstoniaGIGA PUDI
Match of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Most Improved Player of 2015: Latviamata

Aimer of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Medic of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Rifle of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Engi of the Year 2015: Latviamata
Fop of the Year 2015: Latviamata
SMG Soldier of the Year 2015: LatviaClown
Most improved team, most underrated and overrated team, most disappointing team?
Quite a lot of possibly good awards missing :c
Most Improved Player of 2015

has to be Rong
3on3 doesn't count :s
3o3 games played in 2015: over 9000
6o6 games played in 2015: about 4
serious question: who is rong?
retard of the year?
zaaba is the retard of the year
just a question as I was asked this,

"If I only want to submit nominations for certain categories, can I do that too? or do I have do nominations for my selections to be considered?"

basically could someone only pick nominations for the class specific awards and nothing else, for example?
yes that's fine, just make sure to give us like 3-5 nominees per award

people don't seem to be understanding that these are nominations, not votes - we're not looking for just 1 player or team or whatever here
best sneaker?
most annoying panzer?

need these awards pls
ipod will win both of those :s
tfw you only wrote 6 journals in 2k15
image: feels
Dis is funnie franzies, sinse you are a frog cuz french.
Hon hon hon
i know dat feel bro
cgac nominations
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