I'm back home ET :)

M8 reminded me of ET n what do u know. I'm gonna play again xD
Any old friends and new peeps ofc give me a heads-up if you in for some scrims etc.

BTW - old name cuz i forgot the fing pass ANDI - the slovenian one not german one as we usualy got mixed abit xD

Avi every evening
old tard
skill rusty
still in love with the game

You can find me on irc also - msg andiii

Shoutout to
carniee, kulturipervo, hansoO, dejco, klon and all the others x3
good luck
Good luck! be aware of this sebhes guy
Good luck! be aware of this esSe guy
hehe thanks to all :)
hope i can find some people to play with nowadays xD
kaj ti bo pa ime ce si kupo kolo :D
dobrodosel doma :D
Lepo spet vidt ksne slovence okrog :)
welcome back Netherlands wuKaS
omg pregl :D
And who are you?
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