Overwatch Widowmaker movie

Hey I made a Casualwatch movie. Since it features Widowmaker frags I couldn't help but hearken back to when I posted my ET sniper movie here and the warm reception it got, so I figured you might like this one too.

Here it is

PS: the rank 44 thing is from some bullshit pub stat site, kind of like Splatterladder but for Overwatch, it doesn't mean that I'm actually good it just means I'm a (rank 44) pub god
fraps? :D
There's no demorecord in the game, so I run OBS with its replay buffer feature and save good clips, using NVENC to do the encoding so it doesn't lag the incredibly CPU-hungry game.

So yes, I suppose it is the 2016 equivalent of Fraps.
nice frags
dis geim looks so bad
shut up and buy it
sick frags tho
nice :D
:DDD sup bronerd?
Trolling on pub server with my computer friends United KingdomJoe and Turkeynicon from time to time :{D
you bought that game?
yea, and its really nice :D
do you have it?
ive seen enough wannabe ET games im waiting to see b4 buying
nah man nah...my opinion is that this is a good game.give it time if you want, but this is very fun to play :D
I don't play for fun brother, always serious gaming!
Too many single jumpshot kills imo, other than that nice frags!
It's pretty rare to get particularly flashy multikills on Widow (or maybe I'm just bad), so I decided to get a bunch of decent-looking single kills and sync them up with the music instead. I liked that idea more than just getting some generic double- and triplekills and playing those in sequence.

in any case the quickscope removal completely gutted Widow as far as I'm concerned, so boring and clumsy to play now RIP. At least I have my nigga Soldier 76 to fill the void.
holy moly doing the same since widow quickscope nerf
s76 just so ez as ET player :p
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