[OT] Overwatch avi or team?

hey im looking for an ow team or would create my own team if there is enough interest.

I rly enjoy to play defensive heros such as widowmaker, hanzo, bastion, tojbjörn (that swedish turret guy) and mei
but also Tanks/OFF tanks such as roadhog, dva, reinhardt and winston
but lately i also started to prac offensive heros like mcree, pharah and reaper

till middle of july i would like not to prac that much (examphase) but after that im rdy to roll bitches

if some1 needs one of the roles mentioned above feel free to pm me here

Your Specula
gl noob <3
go play ARK
not before its released :D
please attach your cv via pm @Quakenet -> #3on3 -> wut
and now for dummies? =D
i got a feeling there won't be a second chance
Sollte bei uns der eine doch ausfallen meld ich mich bei dir
Could be interested, looking for people to play kind of seriously with too..

d.va / parah / soldier as main
rank 56ish or higher
LFT :)

ps: you can find olbaa in the top 100 EU players
Widow = defensive?
Google: reaver playing Widow. Don't ever say that again.

btw: Hanzo is the defensive sniper (lets ignore Ana, pls).

Btw: knowing your aim in two other games. I'm surprised you aren't playing DPS-chars?
McGree should be perfect for you. With your aim, and normally your brains in games (referring to DB and et btw).
You should do just fine with him.

E: I usually play comp only with my collegue. Started at 63, raised to 67, than dropped to 54!
YOU NEED A TEAM WHEN PLAYING COMP. To many braintards -60 rank.
but widow is classifized as defensive hero ;P thats what i meant back in the days. I know that her playstyle is pure aggressive but w/e in the current meta she and pharrah died sadly

for myself I enjoy more playing offtanks and supports after the patch :D before the patch i just played pharrah in every team i have been playin for but now mccree doesnt fit me at all so i switched my roles.

Im currently rank 71 and im just playin roadhog and ana :D

e: I have my best rank games when im playin with 1 or 2 mates everything above and below r shit and not worth :D maybe soloq on a higher lvl
Wanna team up with me and my collegue soon when this season is done.
I'm waiting to get met 300cp.

Then we're gonna play overwatch quite serious. We're looking for people close to 65, who have the same problem as us: no braintards with a decent aim. I rather would like someone with brains than his/her aim.
Problem is, our max is 67 and 65, which is quite low. but yeah, probably you'll know what i'm talking about?
in s2 lightning, frey, aviator and me r planing to build up a team^^ and I also have some trials in the next 2 weeks for different organisations in case our plan wont work out
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