London citytrip 1/2 Night


i plan to go to London for my girlfriend's birthday wich is verry soon.

I'd like to know if you know a good and relatively cheap hostel or if there is anything like airbnb for london?

We go by train and we want to visit london (as much as possible)

Any tips? Any recommandation?

Thanks for your infos !
lol une fois
I heard they dislike foreigners.
I'd suggest Dubrovnik instead.
London gets like 30m+ foreign visitors per year, not many will have any problem especially inside the M25
Did you just offer the man a place to sleep at your crib? :)
he meant Canada Foreigner
100% agree then ignore original comment
I ain't no fucking canadian
Mongolia Foreigner
sorry i probably walled that guy with as aliases :P
i don't care.
Dubrovnik during summer, lul
Taking your girlfriend to London for her birthday and you are looking for a relatively cheap hostel, who said romance was dead...
nigga can pay 3k for hardware but when it comes to ladies need a rubbish hotel room
look what we have become
ahah enculé
I aint rich, london is pretty expensive and we plan to visit much more than sleeping ;)

Thanks for your advice tho, keep going with your girlfriend and your money !
I stayed in a couple different Astor hostels, they were pretty decent.

Don't go to museums because they are boring.
museums there are not boring, some of them are free aswell :x
I visited 2 museums and 1 gallery of art, everything was free.
British Museum (decent one, was fun, worth going to, need a lot of time there but still less than Science museum)
National Gallery (most boring one but still worth going, got famous Van Gogh paiting in there)
Science Museum (this one was the best and you could spend whole day in there I belive)
Try couchsurfing, I got hosted by a rich guy in a giant flat, and nice sport cars everywhere ahah for free :)
the ibis hotel at london is good and not expensive...
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.
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