back and avi

Hey all,

It has been some years since i played ET or any fepeshooter but.. i am back.
Been playing some days on a shitty laptop and got addicted so bought me a new computer lol.
Im looking for a nice group of players who are active and pracc daily, im down for offi's down for LAN.

Im a ETPlayer but openminded for new stuff and a fast learner with to much time.

Igieu is going to contact you soon
you know me, i know you. dont know where from
i think i played some times with u right before i stopped playing
kernwaffe 6v6 mixes ->
EveryNight ;)
ill come play, havent played in ages :)
welcome back!
played alot longer than he did
gl smoker . ganja be with u
interesting site i love it keep posting more!
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