What does it mean in Greece?

Hi, I visited Thassos a few days ago and noticed there is a lot of graffitis and monuments with number 4444. Can someome explain me what does it mean? Because as far as I understand some Google's explanations about that, I don't get hidden agenda at all if there is any.
I tried to find something with internet research in greek but I don't find it either...
But if you did find a explanation in greek, I can help you.
Apparently it means there is a lot of gays around the area where the graffiti is
Urugwaj gietrajt Urugwaj.
in the numerology it means: These numbers suggest that you need to gain additional knowledge or remember your wiseness within you to resume your present path. In this case there really isn’t any bad paths or either good ones, just follow the path you are on.

but I also couldnt find any relationships between this number and the graffiti, but it could be the explanation u r looking for
You guys are noobs !

4444 means you are surrounded by angels its like spiritual

some ppl may be religious, its a country that live hard moment so maybe its like "hope"

4444 is when angle surround you and support you for ur job, the life etc..Its a message that means that help if next to, and all what you must do is ask for help

the 4 is symbol of the 4 element: Water, Earth, Fire, Air and the 4 direction : North South East West
yeah, it may be something like that, thx ;D
hehe chelmi ;D you're welcome mate :)

I had to show how intelligent I am xDDDD
Sure you know : D have you ever been tagging? Its just some grew. It cant be have any common meaning like those what you said unless they are graffiti ppl from church :D
It might be correct, indeed.
However, people are not religious because of the hard time, greek people are juste really religious at all :) The church is still very powerful and respected there :)
4444 is the highest amount of money you can earn in Greece.
xdddd such a bastard ! :DDD
QuoteAre you seeing 44,444,4444 everywhere? Luke 21:28 - And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. (KJV)

well maybe not everywhere, just on Thassos xD thx tho
Its just grew what they are tagging, i guess. But ofc it have some meaning like every other tag. But who knows. Only who is linked to these ppl knows, in underground world some would know in greece.
4444=HHHH, heil hitler heil himmler they're watching out for troublemakers in greece according to the internets.
It's arbritrary, it doesn't hold any special meaning for us here other than the spiritual 4444 as far as I know.

I can ask a buddy, he owns a bar in Thasos.
Means its time to get back to your fucking job and start thinking about real problems
Interesting post i love it keep posting more! painters amarillo
LOL! Numbers such as 444 or any other numbers have nothing to do with Greece. 444 is angel number that means love, twin flame reunion, and guidance. Other angelic signs, including 4455 angel number, 777, 666 or 1111, are interpreted individually through their vibrations and energies. So, no Greece and no religion but numerology :D By the way, the 4455 angel number is important in Greek culture and history.
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