Hello ! Need advice on community & rtcw movie cfg demo.


Im glad to see some ppl playing this game... !

Around 10 years ago i made some rtcw movie, and im sooooo missing my CFG.
It was a good one and i had modified some texture to not let flag appears ( the one you can't remove by tweaks)
(I tried to restore data on my OLD 10 years old hard drives but... no success..)
Since my memory dont let me reach the goal... Someone can help me ?

How is the community? Growing? Failing? Reviving?


#2 dead
pretty much left only with noobs and cheaters (rtcw no idea)
competitive aspect seems to be gone
adhd kicked in forgot what was the question
brb gonna take a dump
If u don't care about competitive there are still active etpro servers with hardly any cheaters since all the download links for cheats are dead :D http://www.gametracker.com/search/et/?&sort=3&order=DESC seems ok to me, around 50 overall active servers
When it comes to RtCW community then well i think the fact that i am pretty much the only active RtCW player here means a lot. More european people play on 1.0 than on 1.4 which is dominated by USA players. Some tournaments happened on 1.0 version including MG42 CUP as well as FFA CUP (guys created new mod to support Free-For-All gameplay). When it comes to objective gaming and 1.4 then you can play either on ECGN server hosted in USA (which is not really objective but dm) or join OSP NIGHTS which happens every tuesday/thursday (unfortunately for us at 3am). I would say that 1.0 is more active than 1.4. Can not really help you with cfg but you can check some configs at http://rtcwchile.webs.com/configs.htm where you can find ones for movies aswell.
sadly there is not much anymore for us RTCW players here, only if you like ET news & stuff

Tried to host a 1vs1, will try 1 more time and with 10 participants I'll start it
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