ET laptop /win10/ problem

Look since I got laptop lenovo y700 & win10 I cant play et with pleasure....

I wanna play on laptop + [from my old cpu] - monitor benq 19' /75 hz/com_maxfps 76 + keyboard
Probem - game is not smooth, aiming is wierd... g400s 1000hz
I lost hope for normal playing ....but suddenly a few days ago after some win update, removed xbox aplication and when I set ET with windows 7 compatibility WAS really fine ! like when I played on old CPU.... smooth screen , 0 freezing and I feelt skill, aim&acc, duels etc very good...
But now.. a few days ago i updated my drivers gt960m and windows update ...AND i got still this kurwa freezing screen ? i dont know how call it ...just display is not smooth...and mouse dosnt work 100 % fine..
I tried restore system before chaniging but not work...

New games works fine High quality etc
any ideas ? ://////////////////////
76 fps, there is your problem
This kurwa com maxfps 125 ziom
NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Select a program to customise -> WolfET
Threaded Optimisation - OFF
Vertical Sync - OFF
Maximum pre-rendered frames - 1

com_maxfps 125 (this is no problem for GTX 960M)
m_filter 0

...maybe something more in ur CFG..don't know

Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options -> UNTICK Enhance Pointer Precision
Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointer Options -> Select a pointer speed -> (0 to 11 line) -> 6
Download MarkC Fix for Windows 10 -> @ google drive (version 2.7)
Before INSTALL check your -> custom display DPI -> 100%,125%, etc. -> install correct
Acceleration Mouse is OFF -> Welcome mouse settings 1-to-1 -> Smooth ET -> :D

CPU - use single core, old game don't like i7/i5/i3 core. ET working fine if you set 1 CORE, BUT DON'T SET 0!!!
I think you are from Poland ;) Just read:,24485.html

P.S. My CPU (i5 6600k) is working well with ET does not need to change affinity. I do not see the difference between single-core and multi. You can be different, check this.
thx for help but i know all this
btw i cant play 125 fps with this monitor benq fp93g cause its warping as fuck ! the best setting always for me was 75hz and 76 fps

dunno maybe problem is with cable laptop-monitor ...or just with old monitor...
na ts'ie sie pojaw to Ci ogarne albo q master brain of ET mr LoCkheed
just do what he said. had laptop with same card ran constant 125
It sounds like your graphics drivers are out of date! Try downloading Driver Booster 4 and make sure all the drivers are up to date then post back!
r_displayrefresh 0, np
uninstall Winn 10
Problem still here ?

I think I had the same problem on my PC, i created a little .bat which force ET to use 2 core of my CPU. This resolved all my in game lags, freez, etc.

Pm me for me infos.
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