Vodbull needs 1 for CG EU lineup

Vodbull is in need of 1 player for the CG EU season (and perhaps the lan in may)

Current line-up:

United Kingdom W3st
Denmark gyzr
Malta Toxic
Netherlands Testi
Netherlands 7ele

avi on sundays
knowing 1 or more of the player is a plus

We could also use some backups if you can only available every now and then.
if you are interested pm me here on crossfire

image: redbull-addictive
looks like a job for bloodje
gl guys
GL lads xx
oO gl 7ele and wouter
oh pls nooo,
look at these guys:
United Kingdom W3st is still looking for his skill,
Denmark gyzr is too busy at owning ppl on HBC,
Malta Toxic stuck in 2008,
Netherlands Testi is still a big dude and
Switzerland 7ele is trying to be a swiss now.

man i am totally looking forward to see u guys at lan again <3
nothing interesting to say about testi other than that he's tall? :D and looking forward to see you guys again too haha
testi noobje <3
Really cool to see you guys around again. See you in the finals
q here no irc
toxic? these lies :p
Maybe avi actively soon :)))))
in as backup 8 : ]
Sweet lineup.
sick line up, but what a nerdy teenager team name.. vodka red bull......... :'))))))))
Hehe, gl!
Lol Testi
is it mandatory to drink vodka redbull? Cuz in that case, im not avi
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