Music Producing Thread

Everyone who's making music can post here your tracks! I love to hear some from you too and probably, i will give some feedback also!

Not so great but there is my latest months work there. Hip-hop synthesizer beats:

highway is not bad - i didnt like the rest sorry :(
17 years ago i was doing music too with my best friend, he died and we stoped or better and i stoped
we were doing some hiphop too on reason and abelton live -- peace hf with what u doing is the main point
sorry to hear. and ye, im looking for killer vibes by making music. Its so amazing feeling even you get your track finished and listen it: it's so damn dope feeling and then i will listen it 20 times more, sometimes just cant get over the track. Maybe someone knows too that feeling. Getting soon mpc 2000 xl, going to be hell a dope session then :D Cheers!
mpc is great - we were about to buy one too but than this accident happend :( -- good luck with it
music iz di source of life, well... shit der you go
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quick re-farrrt wen I had a blast.. 88Keys
image: memet
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E: oops replied by accident

nice uploads every 2 years.
E: Replied by accident

Where's your tracks??? Harri prkl!
onhan noita kasa jokka ei valmiita viel. ostin kyl softan vasta. tulee ens viikol :D huutele steam/irc!
damn the portishead remix <3 gonna post it on my site!

i just finished my ableton producer course :D
Thanks, It makes me feel good unlike my other tracks so I think I like it too. :)

Listened to some of your tracks and they are really deep and well mixed!

FL studio for me :-)

practising for funz. I've got about 30 incomplete original ones and few covers, but I think I gonna learn this a bit better before publishing. I tend to do adjustments pretty often.
Ask the Queen of it: schnee
Used to make some sick beats on dance ejay long time ago. -- all analog (electribe (red) +venom/- microKorg 37 and Korg Minilogue Polyphonic..
Interesting post i love it keep posting more! painters missoula
I've always loved the idea of making your own music like I have in Online Betting over here: Odds. I dunno, but as for playlists I've been tuning it lately to a lot of classic rock musics and lofi chill music
Do you like a lot of old music? Because I am and old head as well, but I more into pop music from the 70s and 80s, and ocassionally I listen to a lot of hip hop music.
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