Need players for LAN team

Let's make a story about this. Scroll down below text wall for quick info.

When I first told {{funi}} about our idea to run a tournament, he did say without hesitation he wants to play at the event. So what's the first thing you do? You make sure [Cobra]to play with you even though he started to think CoD4 is better than ET - lol srsly...

Next thing is you tell that guy with no huge playing background that you'd like to have him play for your team so that we at least know someone reliable we know from our great CS GO Gold Nova matches to join our ranks. Well, that guy sort off forgot he agreed to that and joined SMASHED. (tnx Germany Ekto!)

Always a member and part of the Teamoxid legacy was FimS. Before joining Highbot for three days he was actually a pretty serious and reliable player only plaing for Earth before accepting a deal with {{funi}} to play for oxid whenever there was 6on6 team. He even played really bad when he was with plan-b.cod4 to make sure his old love wins! Next to loosing hair, he lost attitude I guess because even though agreeing to play with us he just went for SMASHED as well.

The shining star on the horizon was none other than Italy mamalukes. With the passion and drive to prepare 30 minutes before the first Sunday Night Knockout edition for the tournament he invested alot more many of us did. I guess he noticed that because our experience to get spawn raped in round 1 and receive full hold on grush in round 2 didn't seem to be as enjoyable for him as it was for the rest of us. He has never been seen again since that cup.

The last of us is Germany criatura. The guy that needs to fix history: Last time this former team Germany player joined the ranks of teamoxid on LAN was enlarged - and he was not able to get us above the lonely last place. To correct history we encouraged him to play with us but other than loosing 3on3 and bringing huge disappointments to his ambitious character, he currently struggles to confirm his stay with us at Krefeld.

Now, because of all that stroyline we lack a few players to achieve what we are looking for. As we figured out in Sunday Night Knockout #1, winning the tournament might not be an option. First idea was to get Top 10 but now there are twelve teams... So our aim is to beat SMASHED and finish above them. We want to achieve that fair and square even though I have more admin powers than ekto.

We are looking for a few players and I'd be very happy to have some experienced, rusty Germans join us for the LAN (or players that understand German). It would be great if you think you can beat SMASHED with not a lot of afford so that we rank higher than them at the end. Message me if you think you can do that we not too much time to prepare :)


Our current lineup
Germany chosen
Germany Cobra
Germany Funi

Our undecided players you will most likely replace:
GermanySpain criatura
ItalyEstoniaGermany mamalukes

- Reviving medic or reliable SMG eng
- Best thing would be you know us even though it's been along time :c
- You are German or you understand German
- Intend to attend LAN from Friday to Sunday
- Ready to pay for entrance, trip, hotel and stuff like that

P.s. There is no special deal regarding entrance fee if you choose to play for us. All payments are transparent to my admin fellows. Expect that you don't get a discount.
Pps. I regret taking the moment over the memory :x
I like the fact that this text is more about SMASHED than about teamoxid. 11/10 would read again.
First of all, I'm not gold nova in CSGO xD

And ofc, there will be no such thing as oxid silver finishing above SMASHED!!!

Gl with your search though, great guys playing there (except chosen ofc)
I'm rly disappointed you didn't react to the Germany flag :c
I saw it, but because I know you want me to rage about it, I'm definitely not going to xD
silver 4 confirmed
Goodluck guys!
da fällt mir nur rayzed ein der noch kein team hat
merc avi
Still avi.
The beat SMASHED part got me!
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
Yo da dub dub
Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
Yo da dub dub
Not gunna play but if anyone wanting to go who wants to share a hotel room or has a place in room they need filling g pm me. No homo x
Possibly me babes
When I finish work I'll pm you on discord.
das letzte mal , auf gehts! :D
and i thought i was your #1 choice... FeelsBlackMan
No matter how great my offer was. You denied me :'c
well now that i know legendary player Germany criatura is involved !!111

... i am still not interested xD
United Arab German
challenge accepted :)) gl , nice guys!
not cool story bro
old SMASHEd member here to kick some SMASHEd asses.
nah jk.. gl tho <3
y u doin dis to me :c
sry :( maybe I will come to drink some beers but playing.. no :/
Hey you!
Good luck finding someone that wants to play with you ;)
why dont u show up?
and me ???
jedziesz z nimi?
chcialbym -- narazie mnie nikt nie chce :( ---chyba jestem too low
tbh, your communication skills are horrible. You don't get out a word in TS and don't respond in chat. Only thing you can do is v54 on public. Seriously, that's not enough to play with us.
i wrote to u that this day i didnt had a mic so i wasnt able to talk with u guys sorry - 2nd point is i cant sit 24/7 on ts and wait for game, i have family and a job to do - i told u tell me a day or two or three when we can play/prac together and i will be there !!!
Avi, can't pracc tho.
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