3on3 LAN Reminder

Yo nubs

as stRay currently doesnt have that much time I will just remind all of you 3on3 interested players to sign up for that 3on3 LAN tournament.

For your information the status quo is:
The signups will be opened again if there are four more teams. Two are already certain to participate, so we only need two more. Let us make this event unforgettable by having the biggest 3on3 ET tournament ever in its history.

If you now feel interested there are two possible steps you could take:

A) PM stRay at any possible platform or
B) sign yourself up at: http://teamoxid.de/event/index#signup

kenn ich nicht
how long until signups are closed for good?
theres no REAL deadline yet, everyone who didnt pay by the start of the seeding tournament, which starts at the 19th of march, will get seeded by the admins tho
well, if the teams wanna avoid getting seeded by us admins, they should signup before the seeding tourney.

but basically they can signup 'til a week before the lan
>et lan
>hundreds euro to pay and play et on other pc

Wow u got it
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