RandomZ needs 6th medic

Hi guys and girls... We are still in need of a 6th medic to join our team for lan.

Most of us are paid with hotels booked just need 6th!

Message me if you are interested playing at lan 6on6.

practise Tuesday and Sundays *(in week day can change depending on team)

Message me here

i am still avi
avi for 6th :)
Randoms needs 6th medic...

Hax0r tax!! Six Medics?

You can Not win gr or supply without engi...
I want in this Team!
gl ! hope u ll find someone
can I have a try? see how I do

btw more info:

Nickname: Macchute
Languages: Swedish, English, German <-{bad school German with crazy accent}
Format: 6v6
Skill: poo
Class: medic or engi with noobstick
Contact: macchute@gmail.com
we are 6 already :)
Vi tva kan gora ett tva man team och aka ner till lanet
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