ET 2k17

Hello to my dear old friends/new players,

I've tried to come back several times on ET and i've always been wondering how active it is right now? I guess it's not that bad right now since you guys had a pretty nice lan with some nice cash prize and even having the old stars being there :^).

Would it still be fun to find/play with a skilled team? Are there enough good teams to still enjoy the competitive side of ET or its just a hype build around LANs then it goes down ?

PS : On which server do you guys play? (by that i'm looking for old NBS servers with competitives maps only & nice/good peeps)

Cheers :^)
yes its active, klientpro, hbc,. etc....

come back dudinsky!
You can still find 3v3s en 6v6s when you wanna play, some offis/cups going on every now and then.

Deryn & co play internal 6v6 mixes almost every night, so if you wanna play 6v6 every day its possible!

btw, wb mate ;-)
Dude in sky
Stop smoking.
Stop drinking.
Stop masturbating.
Welcome back!
theres no such thing.
Dudinsky :D playing QC atm
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