Has anyone played the beta already? I'm wondering if the gameplay is comparable to CoD 4 or is it like Infinite Warfare without jetpacks?
I haven't played the online beta yet, as you needed to pre-order the game for it. I will be buying it though, as for your question, it's boots on the ground, set back in World War 2, obviously xD But there is no flying around or stupid additions like the previous CoD's in the last few years.
The game seems to be interesting, but I'm wondering about the gameplay... I tried Infinite Warfare during free-weekend and it was like "wtf everyone is doing? why is everyone shooting at me from everywhere?!". After that I uninstalled the game and came back to BF1 ;p. I really enjoyed CoD 4 though...
aint it console only beta?

that is shaisse
it is for now ;d
lvl 35 , i like it , best since cod2 imo
nice, that's what I am looking for
Dawno Ciebie tu nie bylo
czasami zaglÄ…dam ;d ale o Overwatchu nikt nie gada, tym bardziej o BF1 :<
The game is looking absolutely shit so far
Why? Watching beta reminded me CoD 4 actually, which was great
Is pretty good,
Having played cod4 I actually liked the ww2 beta. War with a party was cool. However the last day was a headache dealing with cheaters.
Nah, and prolly wont buy it. Out of these new gen fps games, only overwatch got something to offer for me. cod4 was fun, but from my experience this will be idd just another cod and doesnt have anything for me :|
Actually I don't think WW2 is like CoD 4. Maps are small, very small... teeny-tiny. So I guess the game will be ok for people who enjoy very fast-paced /random gameplay, but I'm not one of them. I definitely won't pre-order this game, maybe will buy it later.
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