Looking for team

Been back a few months now and used to play about 6/7 years ago on .55/.6b, and screamed a lot.

Been struggling like mad too actually find any scrims or join a team so decided too come back onto forums to get involved, I'm active on some of the public etpro servers as Fatal

i used to scream alot too
but now im more of a collected and calm type of guy
this thread is a screamer
Quotescreamed a lot.

welcome to pussybashers. u will fit right in
Application approved. We practise everyday, starting at 10 am and we end around 11-12pm.
I saved a screenshot of this thread in case I ever feel like I'm having a really bad day.
Such warm welcome by the community :D
Klientpro is recruiting
just make sure you play well on public
like onion does :D
uh i remember youf rom .55
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