Krash need team

Hi everybody,

Im kRASh, im playing back for two weeks ago after a very long break. I was wondering if wars etc were going on in this game and if some teams are still playing. If any team needs someone to play i think that i could be usefull. ET gameplay and teamplay was missing me...

While waiting you to see you in game, i hope u'll have a nice day :)
Solid guy if he gets some playing time, i bid 5 $ and a goat head
Thx mate and good luck in your goat head research xD
You can leave ET, but ET won't leave you.

Also: Crash Team Racing - who misses that game?
Absolutely, so hard to leave this game.

I miss every crash bandicot games :D
I miss it, can you remaster it? thanks
Already has been mate :D, available on PS4 i think
I got really excited by hearing this and then really disappointed after looking it up. Cruel misinformation. :(
Dunno if team racing has been remastered but a crash bandicot has been for sure
Yeah they did remaster the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games, but they haven't remastered CTR (yet).
GL crAsh
The new crash game is good, and two weeks, you liar. You've been on pro for a few months :DD We can always start a team mate.
Whenever you want bro
kRASH my friend, maybe you should find a clan from this list :
That will be best option for you.
gl crAsh
aha crASh ;)
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