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some years ago i saw a topic about mIRC that explain's how to delete the file for the 30 day s free use.
i think it was in 2008 until 2011.

Anybody know's if it is possible with the today's version?

If yes, i thank you.
Its the reg edit file about your trial, but i think it doesn't work for the newer mIRC.
Also there are IRC clients other than mIRC, so if you want to use a client it doesn't have to be a specific.
For example you could try HexChat
edit: Tried HexChat myself just now, works great and feels better than antique like mIRC.
just buy it already, we've all been using it for years, it's only fitting to pay for it
Fair idea though, has anyone actually paid for mIRC in this community?
i did after using the cracked for years and having solid income for years i thought i can pay 10 euros
There are plenty of good free alternatives. I don't really see why everyone wants to use mIRC.

Edit: If you insist on using mIRC, there's a way to get around the 30 day block still (other than using an old version of it), but it's harder nowadays. I think it involved uninstalling the program completely every time, and also something else.
mIRC is so incredibly easy to get to work
insert mom/sister joke above
you need to delete key from registry
tu cherches des survivants? 8D
salut, il y a vraiment un paquet d ancien... j ycroyais pas
jpense qu on fait tous un saut ici une fois de temps en temps pour check, jfais un pub tout les 3/4 mois alors..
Salut mec, ça fait longtemps!
i paid for mIRC,
hexchat > mirc
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