mAlibu 3on3 LAN Recruitment

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Europe mAlibu

I'm looking for two players to complete my 3on3 Line-up for LAN.
About you:
  • Be able to prac and beat the polaks @LAN again ;)
  • Be able to play the seeding tournament.
  • Make sure you can play before you message me.
LAN information:
  • Date: Friday 18th May - Sunday 20st May.
  • Entry 3on3: €35 each person
  • The ET LAN will be held in Take TV Venue. Located in: Germany Krefeld, Germany.
  • You can find the official LAN post Here
If you have any questions or if you are interested feel free to PM me here !
Kind Regards!
Netherlands kApot
3amigos destroyer kapot?
Avi to interview you
quality recruitment posts since 2014 i guess? good luck kaputt
Hahah thanks bro! :)
best of luck kasper!
Thank you bro, are you coming aswell? :)
not as a player. i might drop in on saturday though!
Nice! I hope to see you there
Good luck kapoterjonge !
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