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The announcement of a new LAN for ET has generated a significant response among the community so far, with several teams already. Teams who are interested will be also shown in the recent LAN announcement post. In addition to those teams which have already formed, there are a large number of players who have posted publicly searching for a team, which is the purpose of this thread. You can reply to this thread if you have a complete or incomplete team. That way everyone can see who plays for which team.

I am interested in attending the LAN, but have no team - what should I do?

Leave a comment that includes the following information:
  • Nickname:
  • Languages:
  • Format:
  • Skill:
  • Class:
  • Contact:
  • Other information:

If you already have a (in)complete team who's interested in going - reply with the following:

Leave a comment that includes the following information:
  • Teamname:
  • Line-up:
  • Format:
  • Contact:
  • Line-up incomplete, looking for classes:
  • Other information:

The list of players and teams who are looking will be updated regularly.

Players searching for a team:

    (In)complete teams - click on the team to see if they're still looking for players:

      You can find us on #teamoxid

      image: logo-dark
      Nickname: mENACE
      Languages: NL / EN
      Format: 3on3/6on6
      Skill: med
      Class: everything except fops
      Other information
      Nickname: zeroslaw
      Languages: german/polisch
      Format: 3on3/6on6
      Skill: low - med
      Class: medic
      Contact: crossfire

      avi only for german or polisch speaking teams with old buddies
      Nickname: Rapk
      Languages: French/English
      Format: Both
      Skill: Med/-
      Class: medic/engi
      Contact: crossfire
      Teamname: noteamnameyet
      Line-up: NetherlandsTesti(c), United KingdomScarzy, GermanysPECULA
      Format: 6o6
      Contact:pm Testi on crossfire
      Line-up incomplete, looking for classes: engi smg, 2xmedics
      Other information: dont be a landodger
      no scarzy is gonna play engi again i heard
      ye u r right, he loved it to play as engi, sry my bad
      testi = rifle
      scarzy = eng
      specula = fops

      Maybe avi yes
      Good luck boys and girls, good to see your interest!
      thank you mate!
      Nickname: swixz
      Languages: NL/EN
      Format: 3on3/6on6
      Class: medic
      Contact: crossfire /steam (swixz,=-)
      Nickname: Akupunktura
      Languages: DE (komunikativ)/ PL
      Format: 3on3/6on6
      Skill: low+/med-
      Class: Medic
      Contact: Crossfire
      Nickname: iNsAne
      Languages: NL
      Format: 3o3
      Skill: high+
      Class: All except specula
      Contact: Paypal / Crossfire
      QuoteFormat: 3o3

      QuoteAll except rifle
      mAlibu.iNsAne :thinking:
      Sannie is veradelijk
      Nickname: Rayzed
      Languages: English, German, Spanish, French
      Format: 6o6
      Skill: none
      Class: quite a lot
      Contact: cf
      Yo dude, I happened to watch the grand final back a few days ago, including the interviews you did after the final on stream. You did an amazing job and I'm looking forward to see you there again mate!
      Thank you, much appreciated!
      I havent heard from Thomas/Phil yet, if they would want me aboard to do that kind of stuff again but I guess I'll be there anyways.
      I want you on board friend. Cheers to you
      I'm sure I sent you a whatsapp :)
      I'm sure he was too drunk to read it
      Dayum, you are right. But how am I supposed to remember a msg sent on 01/01/2018 at like 1am?
      Nickname: samraj / longplay
      Languages: polish / german / english
      Format: 6on6
      Skill: low
      Class: medic / eng-smg
      Contact: here
      Other info: can bring some toys from my shop when needed
      I have a few guys were we would make a team and come again. Problem is its nearly 1 year since last lan and the teams for winning still haven't been paid. I know my teams wont win, but its hard earned money we paid to play and if after a year still cant find its way to the teams... we wont pay for another lan where the money doesn't go to the people who win.
      Ok will comment to this once and im pissed and pretty disappointed from you and others:

      could u guys please stop with this bullshit! get your facts right before stating such a shit! teams got paid out except one and this is all sorted out. we did mistakes and paid late (imo too late and this won't happen again) but before saying such a bullshit (which is totally wrong) here i would find it more fair if u could at first inform yourself good enough.
      du tust mir echt leid
      Alles gut diggi! Musste nun mal was dazu sagen, da sich langsam diese falschen anschuldigungen extrem häufen. Dennoch stehe ich und der Rest des Adminteams zu fen Fehlern die wir gemacht haben und beheben diese natürlich!
      neja ich bin hier wieder seit ner woche aktiv und das einzige was man hier liest ist so ein kack wie da oben :D und das kommt meistens von leuten, welche kein plan haben wie wo was geklärt wurde.
      Ja wirklich? komisch wie du das zu mir sagst. Viele andere haben Dinge gesagt. Es ist immer noch schlecht, dass 1 Team noch zahlen muss. Wie kann man Admins machen, weil die Leute, die Geld bezahlt haben, etwas sagen? gl mit deinem touriment. Ich hoffe, du lernst aus deinen irreführenden Fehlern.
      Your Yerman is pretty good! Did you get to name your kid?

      I don't know why all prizes but one have been paid but I guess there are always two sides to a story.
      There are some misunderstandings. First of all we've been in touch with both team captains we owe money to before we announced the 2nd edition and I was pretty confident after those conversations to make it to a second LAN successfully. From the message I received from one of their team members I understand that this was not clear to everyone and that could lead to a different impression that I consider an unnecessary distraction.

      However it comes down to one question that you and any1 else in doubt should ask: Whether you enjoyed the previous event and want to help make a second edition a successor or not.
      lass mich raten, TakeTV will eine Anzahlung und die habt ihr mit dem Preisgeld gemacht? :)

      Verständlich, würde auch selber nicht für sowas auslegen, lass die weinen :D
      Natuerlich machen wir nichts mit inem geld vom letzten event!
      Languages: english
      Format: 3o3 / 6o6
      Skill: low/med need to practice
      Class: medic, engi smg
      Contact: pm here
      Other information: able to pay straight away
      Teamname: belgians
      Line-up: vila, mesq, maus, pinokio (xd), lio, chry ( not 100% sure )
      Format: 6v6
      Contact: me on xfire
      Other information: waiting for some other 6v6 teams to announce before payment

      Had great fun last time so hopefully it will be just as good.. <3 Scarzy & Becks
      Hoping to see you there tall guy! I got a nice picture of your team and me from last time
      Indeed, same here! Hopefully there will be a LAN since I haven't seen alot of complete line-ups yet.. Dutchies coming?
      We have shown interest with 4 out of 6 from the last line up. I would like to stay positive about it. However, I think we can use all the interest we need and it doesn't help when some people start acting negative towards each other.

      Ik zou dingen iets anders hebben gedaan en meer persoonlijk met mensen gaan praten als leidinggevende.
      Er is altijd ruimte voor verbetering, maar je moet je nooit laten leiden door een stel debielen met weinig inlevingsvermogen en nul prestaties, ambities en/of inzet. Lullen vanuit een onderbuik kan elke boerenlul.
      Haha, ik weet niet precies op wie dit bericht betrekking heeft. Ik ben alleen pissig dat er vanuit onderbuik gevoelens is gereageerd hier ergens boven door een van initiatief nemers en ik vind dat dat absoluut niet kan in die positie.
      Laat je niet gekmaken. Dat doen ze op wallstreet al genoeg ;-)

      Ga je sowieso wel? Ik iig.
      Where plAyer? Gg count me in!
      zie je daar ouwe rukkert!
      Zieke zot gij , fyi Belgium Pinokio = Belgium Rapz
      Languages: german/english/arabic
      Format: 6on6
      Skill: I think I am good enough to reach the top 4 (2014 - high, 2017 - high+)
      Class: fop / medic
      Contact: here or steam (; comment before
      Other information: lets have the goal to reach the top 4, I cant prac that often but before the LAN I surely can (like 2 weeks before or smtg).
      ich bitte dich
      jeder ist high :)
      Poland ridji and Elviss avaliable :-)
      format : 3o3/6o6
      class : ridji medic/ Elviss fops
      Contact here.
      Nickname: Ronner
      Languages: EN/NL
      Format: 6on6
      Skill: tsssss, sure.
      Class: Any
      Contact: PM or


      Teamname: #HODL
      Line-up: Ronner, Nait, Aphesia
      Format: 6on6
      Line-up incomplete, looking for classes: ALL
      I would play but aphesia keeps ignoring me :D
      Team Name: No name yet
      Lineup: Germany muchacho, Germany noneed, Germany letsplayet, Germany mKs
      Format: 6on6
      Contact: PM me
      Lokking for: Rifle and 1 SMG
      Other Information: We just want to have fun!
      Name: Snatix
      Languages: French, english
      Format: 6on6
      Skill: med, LAN experienced
      Class: Medic, 2nd engi if really needed
      Contact: Crossfire
      are you in with us?
      getting closed can you put the still available players and teams at the top that are looking
      +2 I been asked by a few players if I was making a team as they have no clue which teams have places or not
      Lucky you, no one asked me, I really want to come to this LAN so I hope to find a team in both format
      well problem is early build is ending this month yet we are on 16th and we don't know what teams are, who needs players. what players there are. disorganized so far this year
      you're right about the fact, that we (or better someone with admin rights on cf) should put the stuff at the top, but there is still the opportunity to just ask the people, that wrote here :)

      guess u won't ask everybody here, more likely the people, u know u wanna team up with, so i guess thats not 20 people to talk to :)
      Well stray is the one who posted this and also probably has the most information about who is still looking for a team/players. It wouldn't make much sense for us admins to do it (and isn't our responsibility anyway) since it'd just be a copy/paste of every comment in the thread.

      Anyway I've given you rights to edit threads & journals as well as a few other things, so feel free to keep the list up to date yourself. I believe chosen already has the same permissions and more.
      when I said someone with admin rights, I was talking about chosen and stray, not you or other admins, but thx a lot and I agree with what you said above
      I have updated the post with all the players/teams that have posted a comment here.
      If you found a team already or if you completed your line-up, please let me know and I will edit the post again!
      Good work Ekto, it was necessary
      EKto for Pope is my vote! now make it law aoe 2 will be played at lan and I'm down
      if we are really lucky, we might be able to sneak in a game or two, but if I remember correctly we didn't even have other games installed besides et

      so sadly it most likely won't happen

      and more like ohurcool for pope, cause he is the one giving me the needed admin rights to even change anything!
      so how many teams are there for lan already?
      can we pin the early recruitment topic?

      I'm willing to go to lan again, had a few players message me but if anyone is serious message me and can make a team.
      which recruitment topic are you talking about? cause I only know about this one and this one is pinned
      hmm doesn't show on mine
      Nickname: Sloveniaseareal
      this still on ? .. :) Ronner.. the only guy I remember back from the days in this list.. I would love to go on an ET lan again , but im to old and havent played this game in like 5 years.. hope you have a blast thou , nice to see some activity of the game of my youth.. ehh yea im 45 now. :)
      Languages: French, English
      Format: 6on6
      Skill: med/+
      Class: medic, eng
      Contact: crossfire
      Nickname: ampsu
      Languages: Estonian, English
      Format: 6o6
      Skill: med/+, lots of competitive/lan experience in different games
      Class: Eng, med
      Contact: PM
      Other information:
      Poland TSB looking for 2 skilled players:
      - drinking
      - smoking
      - prolly doing cocaine if needed

      Lineup for now on:
      Poland BloOdje
      Poland WuT
      Poland Abject
      Poland dialer
      UNCUT pure colobian cocaine plz / gl!
      Seems interesting, avi
      I know enough polish to play :-) fantasy co take slabo
      It's been pretty quiet here since the announcement. :(

      Nickname: hazz
      Languages: FI/EN
      Format: 3on3
      Skill: idk. not awful
      Class: it's 3on3...
      Contact: here or IRC
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