Crossfire still alive?

Isn't crossfire like 20 years old? OMEGALUL
I like potato
Crossfire confirmed ded

I remember the times when u had 100 replies in less than 30 minutes
Hiya welcome back clanbase still Alive
who said I'm back lulululul
he was an admin in ESL

u live in the past my friend
Surely the only person living in the past here would be you?
U NEED BAN! cheating on public not allowed.
no its deathened gtfo
good afternoon
wtf is up with these "is crossfire still alive?" questions every time when some old player comes back to play the game for 2 hours? cant u just browse this site for 2 minutes and see that theres even a lan announcement made 2 weeks ago
why u hef to be med it's only gaem
So you come back here and I get e-mail that my ESL account is up for deletion? THAT'S KINDA FISHY
A guy has to do what a guy has to do
nope dot jpg
i'm pretty sure a lot of people forgot their passwords etc, is ET even alive, are there still any leagues supporting it ? best regards
Y0y0 :D ET dead! :D GOGO WoT :D
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even the asian server is still active and a lot of players are still out there. Even tournaments locally and internationally are held .
Crossfire is still alive but about to officially end in May 2023. There will be no support for it and it will be inaccessible beyond that date. Sad to say but it’s the end of an era.
I wish they could’ve made it a community game like how VainGlory did it. Most gamers with potato laptop can’t keep up with VALORANT and CSGO system requirements, making Crossfire the only good alternative.
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