Hey guys! Anyone playing Fortnite? It would be cool to play with some old ET players :)

just dont ask him about the 20wins in a row
No if I wanted to play a building sim i would play minecraft
I will play with anyone. As long as you have a K/D 12+ overall or 15+ last 7 days. hmu
I can play on my alt account if you're almost there. I tend to use that account to fuck about on the fortnite discord so my stats are proper fucked up.
stats link? I'm not that good cuz I don't play that much but I'm not a noob either

I'm on one second place and two victories out of three matches so far in the ranked Solo Showdown they released yesterday. Got to bring home the
o//e, pretty bad though :))

You can add me
add me GeFoPtDiKkE
samraj_ET - this game aint that bad
scoofiboy @Ps4
Add me: Ninja
Interesting post i love it keep posting more! fresno painters
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