ET Patch against master list - redirect

ET 2.6b client's have loophole, through which anyone with required knowledge can abuse the master list and redirect players to different servers. Few years back one clan made the players download trojan/virus.

Download ET.exe from above link and replace your ET.exe with that one. It should resolve the issue for continuous redirect. Off course, you don't need it if you are old school ET player, using /connect or 3rd party tools for connecting to various servers.

If you use ET master list, above patch will help against the loop hole. If any issues, please let us know.

Update - It has issue with ETPRO but all other mod should work fine. Will post update, once we can fix the issue with ETPRO.

there was an issues
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QuoteOff course, you don't need it if you are old school ET player, using /connect

Who do you think we are???
Sorry for opting wrong word. What I mean with 'old school' was players having techy how-to. A server can make you download pk3 which in result would change your client cvars and hence allowing attacker, to directly join server without even redirect pop up message. Above patch fixes that all together keeping ETPro compatibility.

For linux users, they can apply the IPTables rule very efficiently while for Windows their is no good packet level firewall.

I am not really sure you are techy or non techy. You be the judge for yourself. Thanks!
Does this patch also remove the server facades with faked amount of players that F|A and other teams are massively using to redirect new players to their servers ?

edit : I'm not blaming tho, I've also used this exploit when I tried to build a new jaymod team a few months back without success.
“Without success” - lold
2 things here -
1. Server facade - Spamming master list with 40 servers - Current patch will not stop that. Not even ETLegacy stops it for now but I had suggested ETlegacy team to provide ETlegacy with their own master list version. This way rather then depending on i3d, Legacy team can do something about it. If everyone contacts Legacy team and support the suggestion, they will do it because it's fair thing to do. In that they can clean up all the messy servers. I have faith in legacy team. All good peeps over their.

2. Redirect - We removed the complete redirect code from ET client aka ET.exe which was introduced in 2.6b. So all the fake ones will not work. Now admins will have no incentive to do that as players can't be redirect given the choice. So it will go away with time once ET players patches their client.

I am working with Paul to update his custom WET installation which installs ET 2.6b client directly without 2.55. If not done we will create one so new players will not have to do manual patch.

I have also suggested Legacy team to remove that feature so it can never be abused if #1 doesn't happen. But off course my suggestion are suggestion and it's up to the Legacy team to implement that or not. I believe their is no need for redirects in ET. If server is full show server full message OR Loop through your favorite list and show the next available server in your players fav list which player has selected as per their choices. We might do something like that in silent mod in future.

My stance remains still same and will remain same -

Quotehellreturn - 01/11/2018
till then i am in u boat. I was player first and will remain player first till end

I hope that answers your question.
using server browser in 2k18
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Why trust you?!
Please don't. I am not asking anyone to trust me. I am sharing the fix. You like it, you take it.

You don't like it? No harm. Please share your patch with others. If it's better then our's, we would use yours.
You guys reactions to this thread are so moronic.You probably think the crossfire community and it's players are what keep the game alive but you're wrong. What keeps the game alive isn't ETPro and it's 2 little active servers, it's the pub community, it's jaymod, silent, noquarter, and all those fun mods where all the new players and non-competitive ones go to. You oldfags are so 1337 you may not even need to start the game to get to your favourite server, but new players need the master server list, and it's the first thing they see. So fixing the various bugs affecting the master server list is key to keep the almost extinct player base of this game somewhat stable or even slightly growing.
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how do u think these new players will get to your binary?
maybe you can try to give the patch to splashdamage and they would alter the official installation. doubt they would do that
but that just fixes the exploit and not master server filled with fake servers or server with bots

splashdamage should give the official master server to community to maintain
and in meantime etlegacy should use their own or filter these scam servers out, atleast etlegacy shows bot count

I always advise new players to use trackbase or splatterladder
Redirects will become useless with new ET.exe. Players can't get redirected so soon server admins will learn, that it's not going to work any longer. Official download on SD page is being pulled from Trackbase custom 2.6b installation which Paul created years back. I have asked him to update official installation so new players get the patch.

Please suggest, ETLegacy team to remove the server full redirect code from the 2.76 client all together. I had suggested same. If more players suggest, it will make it in final list.

ETLegacy has it's own master list server. So clean up on servers is doable. I for one vote for it.
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