Who gonna win this World Cup in your opinion?

Btw. good to see Neymar Jr is allready out

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This Neymar is a fucking joke and a disgrace. No wonder he plays for QSG
World Cup Champion gonna be France or Belgium
haha he had u there. he had u good haha. almost like he had u anally haha. haha as in butfuck.

wanna hang out later or?
go croatia! slavic power! ;d
I dont understand why do some players feel like acting and cheating are the way to victory. They should feel like a piece of shit if they would ever win a tournament with such "tricks" Especially a brazilian football player
To not quote any name :P
England, since they need to promote multiculturalism
erklär mir mal was für ein scheiss toronto da abgezogen hat mit derozan
Spain will win as always thanks to casillas
no BelgiummAus no win
Britain, since they need to advance multiculturalism
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I was just creating an account at when I saw this post. Anyway, I don't care about anybody else except Messi's team. So I say, Argentina. Messi's really one of the best football players I have witnessed. I mean, common. Have you seen his plays?
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