shaderfixes for frostbite, et_ice, braundorf_b4, bremen_b3

Fixes floating command map/compass icons:

Fixes floating command map/compass icons:

Adds missing portion of map to command map and fixes floating icons:

Retextured command map (from bremen_final) and fixes floating command map/compass icons:

Put to etpro folder
I used these files and my accuracy increased to 69%
A bit shady I must say :s
Nono it fixes the shady so nobody will suspect you. All good Francis!
Ready to get lanproofed then
image: CAB2F17A-6F5E-4BE8-84D00FCA9AC7A2C6
same LoL

mine decreased to 69%
Great! didnt know about this before, I had doubts but thanks for clarifying. deck contractors lincoln ne
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