Rebooted Hirnlos server

Hi guys,

Hirnlos server got a new IP: and with it some changes to the gameplay.

It's no longer a Campaign, but Objective server with XP reset each map and no skill upgrades. However, you do spawn by default with Light Weapons skill set to 2 (extra ammo clip and faster reload) - more fun on public this way. IFSK is allowed of course, and so are spawnkills - there are no spawn protection roofs any longer. Callvote nextmap is also enabled.

Maplist is:

1. sw_goldrush_te
2. frostbite
3. adlernest
4. radar
5. braundorf_b4
6. supply
7. bremen_b3
8. sp_delivery_te
9. sw_oasis_b3
10. et_ice
11. tc_base
12. dubrovnik_final
13. sos_secret_weapon

12th or 13th map might get changed to reactor_final or we add it as the 14th map to the rotation, depends on what players want.

PS: Hirntot is also back at a new IP: (I know most aren't fans of stock maps, especially railgun and fueldump, but with you can at least make them look less eye-cancer-y. Screenshots:
dont let this distract you from the fact that im a member for 9 years, 11 months and 28 days today
newbie, 10 years, 6 months and 24 days
fucking love dubrovnik man
It's so quiet here. :(
Great! didnt know about this before, I had doubts but thanks for clarifying. deck staining grand rapids
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