et_ice, fueldump and railgun spring retexture mod

These are texture mods only, not modified map files.

et_ice screenshots:

railgun screenshots:

fueldump screenshots:

et_ice only (1mb):

all three combined (9mb):

Since they share some textures, even if you only use et_ice retexture, fueldump and railgun will be altered too, that's why there is a combined version that retextures all three. Put in etmain. Of course servers need it too.

And opposite of this, winter retexture mod for radar:

Edit: found out there is already a "European Style" mod by Berzerkr (

This looks much better.
You posted this and knocked down the main news one. Can someone pin the news about snatix vs mixture
why would you changed ice from been ice wtf
ice with grass looks weird as fuck :p
radar with ice i like, it feels like some map to be played during xmas days
now show us snow on oasis

oh didnt see the radar snow xD
looking forward to these changes in next cb season
fake screenshots, ban
I'm sorry but it looks like shit. The wintery brick/wall/floor textures should be changed as well, now it just doesn't fit in at all. The textures are a poor choice as well (especially in railgun), weird mix of dark brown, grey and that yellow sponge texture.
I agree railgun looks like shit, but fueldump looks ok if you ask me. et_ice is also shit, but since they all use the textures from fueldump which looks ok, I decided it's good enough.
Yeah I'm not trying to rag on you. There's only so much you can do without modifying the .map files.

Radar looks much better (though there's some things standing out, like the trees, snowless road and the green door). I've edited Radar to snow theme as well earlier. It looks great with white fog/sky and snow.
No you're right, I could have given more attention to details, but didn't.

I updated railgun, new screenshots: (before:

Looks a bit better now without the out-of-place yellow.
Looks much better. Maybe look into if RtCW has some good subsitutes for the snowy brick textures, might make it better.
Thanks. By the way, could you maybe share your radar version?
Don't have it anymore, it was modified version of the source .map-file with snowy versions of textures and some snow and white fog, I think.
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