Quake net channels?

i've just found quakenet irc online site on https://webchat.quakenet.org/
Do you know if there are still some channels where people playing ET are gathering for some praccy? Looking for mercs or 1on1 fun?

Thanks <3
I think IRC is dead m8, we should create an ET/Gather pub chan on Discord??
ET.PCW or like
you can use discord also via web/mobile phone app or as program
cool :) I've just created a channel #wolfenstein.et on discord

If it is good we could spam all over the gamers :)
There already is channel. Don't have link
mama <3<3<3
1on1 ? You said 1on1 ?
Oh boy, here we go again :D
I'm avi for a 1on1 right now :) wanna play? i got a server
I heard world number 1 France Snatix is accepting challengers m8
If u want to join discord for some games, there's a channel schnee is hosting where most of ppl are gathered up, anyone is free to join up:

We should make this pinned somewhere
I will be making a post soon, most likely tomorrow, making a bit of overview what is going on currently at ET.
Created for you RTCW/ET guys a public TS3 Server where players can talk together/play some games and have a lot of fun (ofc for guys who prefer ts3 than discord ^^)
feel free to pm me if you want a private channel, special server groups or icons :) if we get this server full with 64 slots, I'll upgrade to 500 :)
There is also a music bot in main hall, who is protecting you guys from ddos attacks or any cheaters or w/e and welcomes you with relaxing deep house music in main hall :-)
you can also create your own channel when you join, just right click->create channel

this is the ip: wolfenstein.community-ts.eu
#3on3.et #6on6.et #crossfire
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