mAlibu 3on3 ET LAN Recruitment

First of all I want to give Netherlands Sebhes , Germany stRay & Sweden Ekto a big shoutout for trying to make the last lan happening. If you guys need any help, you know where to find me! :)

image: mAlibucg

Europe mAlibu

Me & Netherlands iNsAne are looking for a 3rd player for the upcoming ET LAN.

About you:
  • Knowing one of us, or played with us before is of course a +
  • Be able to play the LAN seeding tournament & 3on3 Tournaments.
LAN information:
  • Date: 17-19th of May (Not 100% Confirmed yet)
  • Location: Germany Krefeld

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to PM me on crossfire!
Kind Regards!
Netherlands KAPOT
Cheers, I appreciate it
sup with outie?
you forgot to mention one thing :
  • No face after lan
GL! but..

QuoteIf you are interested in joining us, feel free to PM me on crossfire!

what about the player you need cant register a new account on crossfire because of the captcha fail? has a bug with registration
im sure there are also some oldsql players who forgot their login and cant even create a new one.
so maybe make it with discord too that you can get messages from players / or email to contact you. No wonder why we cant get enough players when we only use crossfire pm or comment as message function
already got some messages from old friends that they cant use crossfire anymore whether register new acc :/

175 answers so far..
communications one of the biggest probs, et is split
image: commksjg7

go use discord!!
You find on my survey useful links
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