KAPOT avi for 6on6 LAN

Hi Ladies and Gentlemans!

First of all i didnt want to play 6on6 on LAN again, but after playing some 6on6 games i have changed my mind. So if anyone is in need of a 6th player feel free to message me!

image: kApot_3on3_LAN
About me:
- Medic
- Motivated
- LAN Experience
- Willing to play alot of games

Old teams:
  • Europe mAlibu 3on3 LAN + 6on6
  • Europe 'xD Trickjump 6on6 LAN
  • Netherlands Keyboard Warriors 6on6
  • Netherlands Intense eSports 6on6
    & more.

You can pm me here on Crossfire or Discord: Leroy#1983

Kind Regards!
Netherlands kApot
I would also be interested in building a team, private message me here on crossfire if you are interested!
u should ask kapot he is also avi, he is OP
+1 cutie Ik hou van jou schatje
Nice guy, deserves a cool team!
Even after he gave your spawntime to Elysium in LB semi-final last LAN?
No big Deal!

Elysium need that support!!!
You have started a conflict here mate!
Lets fight :*
I don't really know what you are on about. First of all you were 'trying' to trash talk me, and now you are just spreading some lies aswell. Is everything alright? Or are you really this delusional?

Next time if you have any issues or problems against me, just come to me! :')
I know what I saw. I was standing behind the Yermanz with the Polaks at the time. I doubt it made any difference in the end but, it was a bit of a dick move.

I don't why you keep mentioning trash talking though? h2o said you apologised when you were busy kissing his ass to try and join your team.
There is a big difference between watching them 'play' and telling 'spawntimes'. You should stop living in your own 'fantasy' world. And yes I've asked h2o for joining my 3on3 team, there is nothing wrong with that. + I didn't really apologize just felt sorry for him because he played with a mentally disabled guy for years.

Just stop spreading lies and acting like a retard, and someone might like you.
You're more than welcome to call me a liar but I know what I saw, clear as day.
Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical suggesting that I play like someone with a mental disability, when this video of you is on youtube? :o)

Anyway, just gonna ignore your last line cuz cba dealing with you when you're upset.
QuoteYou're more than welcome to call me a liar but I know what I saw, clear as day.

I would recommend you buying some glasses in that case.

You shouldn't worry to much about me since you got carried in almost every single 3on3/6on6 LAN match.

And btw i'm not upset at all, i just don't like guys who are lying about things which never happend.
hmm, lemme be ref for fight at LAN when you 1v1
that video kapot :D
I can confirm he did not. Seeing and hearing are two different things.
funny movie. dunno whats the prob with that. as if u always hear ur oppo eh =)
He didnt actually gave shit hahaha. Do you really think we need someone to give us st when a average team can find out st aftrr 30 secs by themselves. These are weird rumours you are spreading, guess they come with the package yung leroy
yea I know thats why it's funny
this video hahahahah
That video is fake man xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddddddddddddd

Kwiz and m1tja faked some names to troll a bit when they found that annoying background song.
EY GG MON nice trying to trash someones name
shame you weren't at lan to see it :<
ye i came back after 6 years no et 5 days before lan i'd of been right by leroy's side if i was there though necking those lovely yerman beers
c u @ krefeld 2019?
highly doubtful but i keep looking at the prices for everything :\

If i had more money i would tbh.
success vriend
Sterk niffauw
take him! funny guy! gl =)
XD trickjump waiting for you
success kid
Good luck!
Pick this guy up, he's the greatest. Gl maatje
Good luck kApot
Leroy is a great player, kind, funny and has a great knowledge of the game.

Someone pick him up!
Pick him or ill fight you
build a team with bobika and mahla
yo, will you come?!
Dont know yet :(
Please leave me alone I don’t feel comfortable thank you
good luck kapota <3
Thank you Punky!
Thanks Everyone!
great player! forward to see you on lan :)
nice ass lick kresti m8
thats my ultimate ability. jelly?
My ultimate ability is being old and pissing myself.
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