The ETernity LAN: Recruitment

The announcement of a new LAN for ET has generated a significant response among the community so far, with 14 teams already. In addition to those 14 teams which have already formed, there are a large number of players who have posted publicly searching for a team, which is the purpose of this thread.

I am interested in attending the LAN, but have no team - what should I do?

Leave a comment that includes the following information:
  • Nickname:
  • Languages:
  • Format:
  • Skill:
  • Class:
  • Contact:
  • Other information:
The list of players and teams who are looking will be updated regularly.

Players searching for a team:
Czech Republic
Languages: United Kingdom / Poland
Format: 6on6 / 3o3
Skill: high
Class: Anything
Contact: CF PM/Discord/fb[/url]

Languages: Belgium / United Kingdom
Format: 6on6
Class: medic/fop
Contact:CF pm/discord

Languages: United Kingdom / Poland passive
Format: 6on6
Skill: low
Class: rifle / reviving medic / anything
Contact: CF PM / Discord[/url]

Languages: United Kingdom / Germany
Format: 6on6
Skill: med
Class: everything
Contact: CF PM / Discord
Other information: always funny and drinkable![/url]

Languages: Poland / United Kingdom
Format: 6on6/3o3
Class: Fops / medic
Contact: CF PM / Discord[/url]

Languages: Anonymous / United Kingdom
Format: 6on6/3o3
Class: medic
Contact: CF PM / Discord[/url]

Teams searching for players:

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
Thank you for helping out Bobika <3
Nickname: zpR
Languages: ENG
Format: 6on6/3on3
Skill: med
Class: medic
Contact: discord / cf
Other information:
Willing to win or have fun?
why not win and have fun?
Cuz ur fun team would drag you down.
nah. fantasy would drag me down. but a fun team? never
For real? ...
i can't play on LAN?
skill: med??

LOL biggest joke on the internet. I beat you in 1v1 on valhalla mate, teached you. I added you to my victims list. You need at least 5000000 pesos to play vs me again or at least a win vs fantasy the god of rtcw
The guy never played more than med- skill in RTCW and ET after 17/18 years of gaming

fAnta for your own face, you should have better said that you play since 4/5 years, would have been more logic with your skill..

then lets have a game, i Will write your name on my victims list.. idk if you had your glasses or if youve seen a name that look like mine, but i doupt it was me

Wht nick i had Btw ? Lets see if you're lying or not :blush:

(Be careful there is a trap)
Nickname: kimi
Languages: ENG / CZE / SVK / passive PL :D
Format: 6v6
Skill: low
Class: prefer rifle or reviving medic otherwise any
Contact: discord / cf
Nickname: Elviss
Languages: ENG/pl
Format: 6on6/3on3
Class: fops/medic
Contact: discord / cf
Fuck you ridji.
Nickname: Snatix
Languages:England / France
Format: both
Skill: med
Class: medic (++) or engi
Contact: here on crossfire
Other information: can't play until LAN but attending for sure
recruitment post paid off, got a private message from the one and only mAus. thanks bobika
Yo, what about me. heard u need rifle, im op af.
Elysium is still looking for a rifle afaik
They want to prac
The 6 or 7 people looking band together and you got a half decent team. Common boys make it happen.
you're a common boy, nothing special just like your shit team
I want to slap your skinny face with my 11 foot cock you cunt.
SloveniaNinjas in Krefeld
lang Europe or london
skill: godly
need: rifle & eng smg
if I pracc enough of gay shots with riflecam will you take me?
Europe The PhReaKz
Language: English
Skill: Low
Need: medic, medic/engi
Additional information: Probably not going to be able to prac much, just going for fun. Trying to start a rivalry with so join us if you want to smash.
I am going to smash your face plus any nerds face that goes with you. tosser
prepare to get dickstroyed.
I can't wait to turn your face into a car crash with my fist of steel
Nickname: mKs
Languages: eng/ger
Format: 6on6
Skill: med
Class: everything
Contact: crossfire or discord
Other information: always funny and drinkable!
can you delete me from the recruitment post
don't tell em I'm swapping with you :o
Nickname: Finland miraya
Languages: English, Dutch, Bit of German/French, Some random curse words all over.
Format: 6v6/3v3
Skill: low+
Class: my specialty is engineer smg but can do sten or rifle aswell.
Contact: Discord / Crossfire
Other information: Can only prac sundays/monday
no finnish?
moro matias, mitä kuulu? <3 miss you buddy :(
shkar hei <3 all fine thanks :) miss u too. funny, it was some weeks ago we talked about u with nsd :$ mitä sinulle kuuluu?
Going well buddy, yeah I've been talking to a friend of nsd and talking to nsd indirectly he doesn't wanna come discord I digest. what about you? Hows life treating you?
I NEVER ANSWERED, but yeah im on discord, not just any et channels :)
You can delete me, found a team :)
hehe nice i found a team also :)
The PhReaKz are now looking for either a Fops or and Engi.
low-med skill, happy to play alongside mongols
avi 6v6 medic/fops
What if you can't join the Friday, but only Saturday and Sunday?
As far as I know, current plans are;
"we will most likely have 3on3 on friday (maybe the final on sunday) and 6on6 on saturday and sunday"
Regarding what to pronounce for the recruitment post? We can state that if necessary, other than that, what fAntasy says is true regarding the expected schedule
Krosan! Je leeft nog! Dit keer geen PC's ophalen met je BMW?
is this list updated?
Languages:English, Estonian
Skill:idk anymore, low+-med after cleaning keyboard from dust
Class: medic, rifle
Contact:PM here
Other information: I can play every class. For the sake of the game gathering together is the main thing.
Looks like you have exactly 6 players looking for a team right now. Group up, sign-up, pay up. Profit.
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