Laptop + monitor 144hz ?

Hey I play Et on laptop so I just wonder i....can I connect my lenovo y700 to monitor 144hz ? ist it possobile to get rly 144hz ? I read smth on web but still dunno . Y700 has hdmi 1.4
nope, not possible
Only if your laptop has a displayport. 144hz through hdmi is not possible.
HDMI 1.3 and above are capable of 144 Hz at 1080p. HDMI is not capped at 60 Hz as some people will tell you, even in versions below 2.0.

However, the monitor must also support 144 Hz over HDMI, it is not enough just to have a laptop or graphics card with an HDMI 1.4 or 2.0 port. The display must support 144 Hz over HDMI, and the HDMI version alone will not tell you if the monitor supports it. Some monitors are limited to 60 Hz over HDMI even if they have HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 inputs. This is a limitation of those monitors, not a limitation of the HDMI standard.

Some monitors that support 1080p 144 Hz over HDMI are the ViewSonic XG2401, the Nixeus NX-VUE24A, and the Samsung C24FG70 (which all use HDMI 1.4).

Popular monitors that people will recommend such as the ASUS VG248QE and the BenQ XL2411Z do not support 144 Hz over HDMI, and regardless I do not recommend these monitors anyway since they are quite old models and are not good value for the price.

If you want to run 1080p 144 Hz and you only have HDMI output, then I recommend the ViewSonic XG2401.
wow thats nice info ;) need to check
It's not true HDMI doesn't support 144hz on HDMI @ FullHD.
1.4b should be able to handle 120hz however most monitors which supports 144hz doesn't support it through the HDMI (but not all!). Mostly, HDMI port on such monitors are limited to 60hz. Read the specification of your monitor and make sure.
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my LG34UM88C has HDMI 1.4 but its 21:9 ratio. But this chart says it doesn't support it?
also this same monitor goes up to 3440x1440 which is kind of 4K, which is also not supported according to this chart?
ok then :/
Still. Even when your monitor won't be able to support more than 60hz over HDMI port. You can buy an adapter HDMI->DVI-D on HDMI cable. This is what I would do. Not sure if it's going to work but if it's the monitor HDMI port limitation then should be fine. Try it
adapters are used for different things, like making 2 things to work together which would not work otherwise because of not having the same ports. Adapters will not make something like that work, most likely anyway.

holy shit this is a post from feb, crossfire dead?
It's not the case here. As PROBABLY his Laptop HDMI port is newer than version 1.0, I assume it will be 1.4 but rather 1.4b - doesn't matter even. This 1.4 - 1.4b will still support 144hz at FullHD resolution (even 1.3 is capable of it). Btw 1.2 HDMI is supporting HD resolution @ 144hz. The problem is that, first 144hz monitor products was released without support 144hz at HDMI slot! Now you are able to find such. For example now I have VG248QE monitor where DVI and DP are supported 144hz, and HDMI is not! So in this case adapters might actually help as they both support the bandwitch speed.

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What you said is wrong. I will morelikely believe it's going to work.
maybe i failed at english there, but anyway i dont think u can get 144 hz via any adapters ;( i might be wrong and too lazy to check that pic of urs
You still don't understand. It's not the adapter which is causing the issue. The manufacturer who is providing the monitor with 144hz they do that through 2 ports (DVI/DP) but NOT HDMI!!! However all cables are capable of supporting 144hz bandwitch - this is the whole point!
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