mwheeldown for jump?

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as soon as I've read the news about the LAN, I felt that nostalgia and wanted to hop on a server and play a little bit of ET... Since I've changed to CS:GO over the past 6 years now, I've become very used to use mwheeldown to jump, bhop and so on... Now on ET it doesn't take mwheeldown for jumping. Is there any way around that? I really would like to use the same movementcommands everywhere...

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bind MWHEELDOWN "+moveUp"
Thanks for your answer BloOdje,

I may have to add some things... I've tried the obvious easy solutions like setting it ingame or setting it in the .cfg with that command you've posted... it never worked though. It just doesn't pick up any input ingame... Even if I use an external program and make a makro that even in windows mouse wheel down is space... It doesn't get picked up as input ingame... That's why I'm looking for help here
bind mwheeldown "wait; +moveup; wait; -moveup"
Thank you ohurcool,

that was exactly it. You are my hero :)

Case closed

See you online ;)

bb sl4ng
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