etdd (et demo decoder) by adawolfa

Short description:

since forever I had cg_autoAction set so that every time I enter a game, demo is recorded. Those who do the same know that over the time, this becomes a problem, as there's so much demos that it's almost impossible to find anything or anyone. I was using Media Manager by Hannes in the past to solve this, but it's a little bit heavy and unnecessarily complex for my needs - it's primary purpose was different.

For this reason, and also for sake of my own curiosity, I've made a simple tool, which extracts some basic data from demo files, in bulk.

It simply parses demos and writes following messages to a single file:

- chat (global, team and fireteam),
- server popups (multi-kills, banners, stuff like that),
- kill messages - formatted the same way ET does.

Longer description and use:

And no, this isn't the Finnish AdawolfA who made palehook 10 years ago.
will take a look /t try it out soon, but first, run it thru virustotal :D
kimi is also making some demo parses maybe u guys could brainstorm
Gg lost my credit card
Have u found it yet, do you neee help looking for it? :clown:
why not export to a structured data source like csv, json or a sql db? If the purpose of this tool is to find kills etc there is no way to retrieve this information in a simple manner if you export to a plain text format
Ctrl F

The point isn't to make a database of kills, etc., out of it.

Have a million demos and looking for a specific one? Use this to help find it.
Gl doing ctrl f in 1gb text file...
thats trivial to add :)
Only buddy is damon, dont trust him!
awesome, hopefully will talk to him sometime :)
You can try to play dordle, but the information provided is timely and beneficial. Very appealing!
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