endstats.lua script


Lua script that outputs the following stats at the end of a game/match:

Most damage given
Most damage received
Most team damage given
Most team damage received
Most teamkills
Most selfkills
Most deaths
Most kills per minute
Most lightweapon kills
Most pistol kills
Most rifle kills
Most riflenade kills
Farthest riflenade kill
Most sniper kills
Most knife kills
Most air support kills
Most mine kills
Most grenade kills
Most panzer kills
Most panzer deaths
Most MG42 kills
Most MG42 deaths
Most revives
Most revived
Best K/D ratio
Most dynamites planted
Most dynamites defused
Most doublekills
Most multikills
Quickest multikill with light weapons
Longest killing spree
Longest death spree
Highest light weapons accuracy
Highest headshot accuracy
Most headshots
Most bullets fired

Screenshot of public version on hirntot with some more useless stats:
image: EPFkOW9

Added some extra stats like total kills, deaths, damage given, kills/deaths vs individual opponents, easiest prey, worst enemy:
image: upaejPE

Also added "Most objectives stolen" and "returned" stats.
Imagine waking up on a normal Thursday and seeing Monty on the Run's name on Crossfire
QpaQ 20 Mortar kills
Added nicer formatting and shortened the quickest multikill text (not visible on screenshot below):

image: EvD46RW
image: KP8Gm1E
image: DqpX48n
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