ET server log weaponstats HS parser

Something for server admins if they want to check for suspicious (aimbot) player HS stats.

Loops through ET server log files and outputs suspicious players with headshot accuracy over hs_threshold (default 20) to 'suspicious.txt'


Name: b333r
GUID: F39CB667631A0ECA9BA9D7B5E1B5C518
Filename: etserver1.log Line: 42996
Kills: 15 Acc: 51.07% HS acc: 27.08% HS: 31
31 headshots within 225 shots? Pretty legit if you ask me.
About the "HS 31" part, I edited the post and manually wrote some random number after I updated the code and added that to the output. Didn't know anyone would be enough of a nerd to calculate if it's legit.
Fixed a few bugs and made which will search through the logs to find the stats of a specified GUID only (32 or 8 chars).
Made a new script, this one prints out all the chat by a specified GUID:
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