Software Developer

Hi, is anyone on here or that I know a software Developer? Pm me.

Paid work.
i heard there is this new website called linkedin where you can find this stuff
id rather give money to someone from the community than a random person. I have done serval things like this before and helped people with work from here.
makes sense :-) I could recommend Kimi!
I can do Android devices
I can do php
i can do html
i can do your mom
what do you need? drop me a pm
Proud of you for finally trying to get a job
i can do javascript, c++, c#, java, phyton, react, pascal

drop me a pm, after one more year
sorry for not replying :D An old gaming friend of mine pm me from ET built my company a complete sales system, management system, tracking system and pc and mobile applications from scratch.
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