Frostbite mapscript with 2 docruns

If anyone wants to try for the lulz a frostbite with 2 docruns, here is the mapscript (just remove "_2docs" from the filename):

I'm thinking about putting this on Hirntot for public play because 65% of the time frostbite is won by allies and sometimes within 5min...
Are the docruns from the same place (similar to original Goldrush)? Nice idea!
Curious about that
it's just a script so yeah. He didn't change the map
That could be done with a mapscript too...
You wouldn't need such script if you had the same defense as
I bet Slaikka disagrees with this journal message.
You can always deliver twice
Second one spawns on the table right next to where you secured the first one and you have to bring it to the truck in lower axis spawn :)
Allies can now spawn at Axis CP if they damage/repair it.
That's also an interesting idea, pretty sure I can modify the mapscript for that too. Anyone else who wants that?

Some possible issues:
I would need to disable lower axis spawns near truck because they would be too OP at defending.
If allies spawn at transmitter if CP is destroyed and docs are secured then they would be OP.
If axis spawn at transmitter if CP is built and docs are secured then they would be OP.

I think nobody spawning there and just disabling axis lower spawns would be the most even in this version.
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