clessboy16 :/


/ 16years old
/ I can speak decent England & also fluent Estonia :o
/ former clans: xPlozion for few months till it died & LectorZ for a year and more..
/ I use nicks as; Azo ( very old one ) , eIZ6u , kEtElI .
/ I would like to play as a fop or med .
/ I'm available everyday from 20:00 CET till 22:00 CET, except tuesday, friday, saturday.

I'm looking for atleast a medskilled clan .
skilled guy, take!
omg, you remember me? :o

I'll be right there!
Good luck mate.
yes ofc, see you tomorrow!
romance xplozion on your buttocks
#euclan pm Priit
tere btw ;p
owner boy!
crab him
Azo, you played in clan with flyndre right? :)
yes @ LectorZ, was fun :)
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