Some random cheaters

image: gntmewfmqwjzjhjzrjh5

image: zmnmvuwncyzwxmy2otdi

image: 2wyeiitwyzaywmzyywyw
K3rv3r0s the cheater?
You are the cheater
can't u understand a joke, i said that coz i knwo that u are like a etcop jesus get life
I m not an et cop m8 ;)
XDXDXDXDD..i cant see any spoofing, you get new pb guid when you reinstall your ET..and that 1 etpro guid came when i played @ my friend home with my nick..just check the ip for that guid and you can see it is different than my own plz die etBot faggot.
k3rv3r0s need to speak with you on Messenger! plz go go go ( memorial stuff )
nice bust mate keep up the good work.
Ugly cfg/screens they have :O
lol proner @ valhalla
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