Rifle searchin for a clan


* eIZ6u / before Azo
* I'm 16 years old
* Can speak decent English
* med/+
* former clans - Estonia xPz, Estonia/Europe LectorZ, Israel InsanityGaming
* rifle
* avi only - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 20:00 - 22:30 CET .

If you are interested of me and want to know some more info then msg me @ #damageplanet and let's discuss, nick eIZ6u !

Let the flame begin..
delete the /+ and you get my good luck wishes otherwhise pls die wannabe :)
solang du weiterhin med+/high suchst is die welt in ordnung
naja ich bins auch :-) von daher jO aber ich suche derzeit nicht weil ich glücklich vergeben bin.
wer traut sich was anderes zu behaupten..
i lold aber ganz gross ^^
very good player, have played with him for a long time and he can shoot very good rifle nades and his spam is just perfect!
i was wondering, how do you say your name in vent?
Most of the guys are callin me by my old name, Azo ( read: Aso ) or just eiz6u ( read: eisou )
Best ee rifler.GL
Best EE player after oOemeRicaOo, dunnoo/snus and kAMMOONz
true users/jasper:D
:D, How come you dont have any pictures up, while emer & snus have! :x
Shit. Azo is still alive.
Good luck to you ;)
:) yo Avalanche, havent seen you for ages :<
try #euclan... they are searching for a new good rifler I think
:O A nice guy. God has given him a perfect mouth, you can never expect what will come up next :P
Rifle skills are bueno and the rest is blabalbal... fu gl
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