hoPPa busted!

Proof: http://heimlik.pp.fi/busted_TosC.rar
cb account
(22:13:24) (BIGsmile) hmm does this idiot use aimbot? lol busted by bigsmile & acez and heimliks help we manage to bust this guy
lol i fuckin knew it, specced this guy the other day, didnt say much I was on vent with him too lol :o was blatent hax
tell me something i dont know :p
lol its so obvious
yeh played with him the other day and it was pretty clear.
haha he was not clear in our match
xD I still got better stats!
If you ask him straight he admits it. He hacks and he doesnt care wht anyone thinks. Hes got cracked Etbot2.60
etbot was leaked 2 years ago and is dtekted.
so most likely fake
i spoke to mael his mate on comms and they both using quite a new version with a cracked auth system so it auths locally on the client! :(
I've known mael longer than HoPPa tbh :p 3years+ , shame he started hacking though :(
hoppa and mael hax? hahahahHAHAHAHAHAH HEOFHOEHFOEHFOEHFOHOHFEOHFOE still suck
hes bored and sick of the game and doing it for laugh before he quits. I dont condone it but i understand it !
CVAR #9001 - (Rs_aim = 1)
he's low- neway
even with hax :)
Oh dear oh dear!!!

It isnt detected and yes it is a pretty new version.... anyone want to make anymore random guesses??
lol n1 aimbot :o fov 180 ?
w00t GO WALES !!!!!1111
btw where is waki, he said "your using a humanised bot" when clearly i had blatant 180 fov :D

quality stuff
wtf hoppa, Wait know that name.. irc i think.
Great job
Noes hoPPa!

You seemed so nice, but you turned to the dark side :<
Played a mix with him the other day, kind of funny the aimbot doesn't give him any hs :p He had like 55 acc and 6 hs after a whole round.
settings can be adjusted to not give obvious hs stats but clearly, stupidly high accuracy stats :)
ban cheaters for life.
how about you get a life first?...geek
i doubt he has more life than you, and saying geek from guy who use cheats to ruin others game..that doesnt make any sense. I dont get it, what is so cool about cheating ; aiming without any talent ( like computer makes the whole work and you just sit on the chair) which you get for hard praccing. Why dont you make your own haxable game, so the slogan can be: "All the retards, who sucks for the fps games, welcome to my haxable game". And now you look like you are fucking proud of about your cheating..so tell me 3 good reason why shouold you be proud about it. There is nothing good about cheating, it just ruins the others game who realli likes to play it. Cheating in onlinegames is like same if you do crime in real life.
if its the same as in real life, then give me real life punishment?

No didn't think so. The game got boring, i acquired the hack, its fun therefore i use it. Lets just call it a "fun mod" that i use and others choose not to :)

I still play without it and with it, its just a choice i make. i played the game for about 3 years low+ in competitions and had the fun then. Now when i don't have that much fun playing it i use the hack.

I have too much of a rl to care what people in a game think, as long as im having fun when i want to it's all good. There are lot of people who have hacks that you think are so perfect.

Hi hentai
i didnt say it is the same as in real life, i just compare it to real life..no, you dont deserve real life punishement, you deserve onlinegame punishement, and that is ban for some months.

If the game became boring, why didnt you swap to another game? You just choose the retardnes way; loading hax, and ruin the others game, just because you didnt like that game anymore, so you think others dont like it neather.But you are totally wrong, there is still ppl who likes this game, even though ther is your kind of ppl.

"Lets just call it a "fun mod" that i use and others choose not to :)"..tbh it is only "fun" mod to cheaters..so why dont you make your own mod to ET, where hax is allowed? you know, there is etpub, jaymod,shrubet ( or somethin), TCE, and Etpro..so do your own mod, like: EThaxed, and cheat there as much as you want.

If you play without it and with it..why the hell you have to use it in ETpro? If i'm correct there is servers in ETpub mod where cheats are allowed? So why dont you go there to use your cheats when you think you are getting bored and when you are satisfied enough, come to play ETpro without cheats.

So if you have too much real life to care, why the hell you are in crossfire and telling how to cool it is to use cheats..just use it at the servers which nobody cares ( like i said above), and you are saved for whining. But imo, cheaters are just attention whores. So they keep whining who good they are and continue cheating untill they got enough attention.

and btw, i dont think anybody is prefect, but i do think ppl can became close to perfect.
The hack is etpro only... ermm i would comment on the rest of the post but it would just be a continuous tennis match of my opinion and yours...

No im not reckon the game on purpose, just for my own fun...

Selfish, maybe but I lack the care.....
So why did you choose the ETpro hack from the beginnig? Why didnt you choose the ETpub hack for example? hmm i think you havent paid any money for that hack (otherwise you are quite stupid imo), so why didnt you get ETpub cheat, and start cheating at ETpub mod ( i think it is as easy to get as ETpro cheat, or am i wrong? ) in the servers where cheating is "allowed" ?..maybe sometimes think about others and not always yourself. If you do it just for your own fun, plz can you just even think about moving that "fun" to ETpub mod and the servers where it is "allowed", for exmaple?
because pwning people i know is funny as fk!!!
hey man, where's the fun if everyone admits the cheating and there are many other cheaters ? nowhere. I can't get your own mod thingie, playing against cheaters with cheats is not funny cause everyone is as "skilled" as you are, there's no point.
And talking cheaters as "more retarded" than the others is bullshit, they are just bored to that same old playing and want something new and funny.
So why doesnt they change the game if this one is getting boring?
that's not in my head since I don't cheat, maybe they don't wanna pay or learn a new game anymore. But behind any cpu there's a human as I believe, cheater or not, still a human.
well there is much more free fps games than only ET, like: Americans Army and Warrock for example..And what wouldnt be more exiting than learning a new game?..ye there is human behind cpu, but where you need the human when you cheat, cuz computer makes almost all the work ? :/
That was not my point if the human makes any work. Although I don't care about the playing a lot anymore I just want to have fun and get social contacts with my e-net friends, so that's what I meant with that human part, cheaters are almost everytime the funniest guys at e-net.
Yep it may be exciting to learn something new but I guess these guys already have their contacts at ET and want to continue them, but not continue the playing with interest.

I still agree with you in that point that the cheaters ruin others game, it's obvious, but we people are selfish, aren't we ? :>
ok soz i misunderstood your point. Well i have no e-firends who cheats or have cheated ( at least i dont know i have ), so i can't say anything about, are they funniest guys or not.
But what i have read about the comments from cheaters at crossfire, they sure seems to be kiddos or something is wrong in their head ( of corse it depends for the person, and of corse there can be cheaters who might be really cool guys/girls), for example; look the hoppas comments here. And of corse, this is crossfire, so everybody seems to be mentally retarded :)
If you agree with me that cheaters ruin others game, couldnt you ask them to stop cheating, and ask what is so cool about it? ye we are selfish, but we can still also think about others.

btw, good to see finally someone, who has argumets for his point, and dont start flaming ;)
Well, since I don't play so active, I don't actually play with cheaters just talk with them, although the "cheaters" that I talk with are busted but not cheating anymore.

And I totally agree with you in that everybody talking at xfire looks like mentally retarded, what perhaps some can be. :D
I used to do that kind of flaming sometimes at past but cause it has no point and makes you look like retarded even though you are right, I have decided to even look like a mentally clear person :D
And it's always much funnier to see guys losing their mind when you are calm :D I guess you agree with that.
yes, of corse i agree ;)
Need more people like you two in this community. Interesting points, well made. Good stuff
Well my english is not so perfect, but hopefully everybody understand what i'm trying to tell :) hmm, thnx anyway, cuz it is always nice to see that somebody agrees with me.
=w-w= ftw!
holla back ;)
it's not his fault rly, he's welsh
A lot of people seem to cheat lately

Hi Jake
huso cheater BAN!!!
Get a life u fucking idiots. Game is dead - i will keep using it, try stopping me. Thanks
ill probably stop when i go to uni but until then, GG we win all day :)
GG for me too?
I cant believe he cheats, I thought he just got extremely good in a really short period.

WP on the bust, must've been really hard!

"we manage to bust this guy"
Hoppa do as a favor and kill your self u noob huoh nc skill my ass i told u i will bust your ass idiot so plz stfu if u cant play stop playing try WoW or some thing huoh !!!
is it fun being a total retard with no life, people like you need to be stabbed in the neck
hmm.. tbh it is quite funny to see those kind of comments from you. You should think about what i mean..btw yoo look like your mentally age is 14 or something :/
ROFL Mael, Do you call you and Electro pm'in people on xfire saying your "going to expose" them having a real life?

lol@u acting gangsta on xfire you barely say 2 fuckin words on comms remmo.

btw Electro claims he got "someone" to crack the auth, if you'd believe that.. ^^
plz can you remove electro from your rectum! Tiocfaidh ár lá! Tiocfaidh ár lá! Tiocfaidh ár lá!
team-ie for etnies again this year?
nah we didnt even make a team!
hahahahahah I'm just laughing and laughing again :D:D:D:D:D:D "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU CHEATED AT INTERNET"
Who the fuck are you ?

BTW: Any1 wants this bot, pm me, i will send - wil be kept private aswell :)

im the boogy man in your closet huhuu huhuu hope u are scared hihihi
You still cant do anything so what does it matter ? :o Ive still been on pubs everyday and not once has anyone noticed. We win.

The thing is, yeah this is just a game but it does reveal alot about the kind of people you are. I mean, the fact that you derive such pleasure from cheating people you know out of their fun - on what is a free game :/ And you say you are at Uni soon....

evantej on 11/05/07, 10:18:09 PM | Reply

<3 mael

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