#TTD.et-clan is RECRUITING

What do we need?
-mature[/unretard] atleast 16-year finnish speaking guy[maybe 2]
gl and 5th league and med/+ lol
hahaa nice skillfake
älä humiloi ittees et-rekry tasolle
Why the hell are you all flaming him? Does OC div really mean anything?

yes it does because krp was in 7th and they suck :XD

dont answer please its joke n stuff
Sorry 3 first posters don't qualify for the unretard part, bai
finnish only btw?
Quotemature[/unretard] atleast 16-year finnish speaking guy[maybe 2]
gl KIPE <3 :)
gl funny guys
do i got it?

- unretarded
- med skilled
- not a quiter (4 year gaming exp)
- good in lissening
- time is oké
- 3on3 and 6on6 competible

You think i got it?
reply on it ty vm
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shut up
lol xD

so now i need to shut up because im just 8 days member?
maybe that 8 day member pwns your ass hard dude.

so you su :)
rofl I kinda have the feeling that aint true but ok. start believing in yourself first.
i will and i do fo sho
fo sho lowbird
haha :D
funny kid.
good guys, good luck
gl guys
Nice guys. They didn't in any part say they are med/med+, but they said they need med/med+ player. In my opinion there's nothing wrong asking for better players. Hell, I wouldn't mind either getting to play with high skilled people (except hardyrah when he's angry & listening music same time <3).

GL and don't let stuff like this http://www.own-age.com/vids/10550 happen again ;)
get scrn back:( he > all of the whiners here
gl nice game yesterday
i <3 yur tag :)

only looking for finnish players or international as well?
-mature[/unretard] atleast 16-year finnish speaking guy[maybe 2]
well i was just asking if they couldnt make some exception seems not
soz but some of our people aren't very fluent in other languages (even in english) so it wouldn't work :(
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