OutRaged Recruiting!

EuropeOutRaged is a team, created for 3 months ago. The main object was to become a skilled team which would fight for honor and respect in the scene.

We are participating in Warleagues, gamersdatabase cup and Titans Cup. We have allso regged for CB open cup, and our goal is to be invited for next season(not this that is) Eurocup. It might sound cocky, but it is a realistic goal.

We are searching for 1 medic and 1 fops.

Demands: Activity, which is playing from 19.30/20.00 CET to 22.00/22.30 CET every monday-thursday & Sunday. Friday & Saturday is RL days, but we often play those days aswell.

Skill: You need to med/high in aim, and u need to be a good teamplayer. We need 1 aggressive medic, and one fops.

Dignity: NO whining against members or opponents is allowed.

Language: You need to speak English.

Our Lineup:
Germany Antz / Medic
Netherlands Viax / Medic
United Kingdom Matzz / Medic
United Kingdom Griim / Medic
Sweden Sleepy / Fops/engi
Norway Snuble / Fops/engi
Germany Vrael / Rifler

Clanleader: Norway Snuble

Our homepage is the same as our`s community.
OsS Community

1.place in 04-cup 2005
2.place in 24hours cup 2005

We want to have 8 players, fighting for a spot in a stable 6 man lineup.

visit #OutRaged.et and talk to snuble for tryout.

OutRaged.et is sponsored by Gtek

EuropeOutRaged has warservers in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands!
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